GC 10: Akatsuki fights in the new gamescom Naruto trailer

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, the upcoming licensed Naruto arena fighter, promises to have in excess of forty characters (plus a Tekken dude) available for Naru-tards to take into battle. Not quite Marvel vs. Capcom numbers (56), but hey, these dudes are rendered in full 3D, with sexy current-gen assets.

The new trailer that Namco Bandai sent us highlights just twelve of them, namely Deidara, Sasori, Hidan, Kakuzu, Konan, Pain, Itachi, Kisame, Karin, Jugo, Suigetsu and Sasuke. Technically, Pain could be considered six characters in one, so the trailer could actually be highlighting eighteen fighters. Alongside glimpses of the huge multi-stage boss battles (including a giant enemy crab), that’s a good amount of trailer to enjoy.

That said, if all the names I wrote above made you think I had some kind of seizure and started typing gibberish, you might not be in the target audience for this Naruto fighting game. In that case, there’s a lot of hyperactive brawling going on, so you can watch and enjoy that, too. Expect an English-language demo next week (the Japanese one is out now), and a full release in October for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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