Gay Tony’s back in next week’s free GTA Online nightclub update

After Hours

Tony Prince, a/k/a Gay Tony, is making the move from Liberty City to Los Santos. Last seen in the GTA IV add-on The Ballad of Gay Tony, he’s headed to Grand Theft Auto Online next week as part of the free “After Hours” update.

“After Hours” has players running their own nightclub alongside Gay Tony. The introductory trailer makes it seem like he’s in charge of the neon-drenched atmosphere, the concussive bass-laden music, and maintaining a stellar line-up of DJs; you’re in charge of running criminal enterprises out of the basement of the club.

Even though Gay Tony still parties like a young man, he’ll be 60 at the time “After Hours” takes place. How much longer can he keep up this lifestyle? How much more does he have left in the tank? We’ll find out when “After Hours” releases for GTA Online on July 24.

Brett Makedonski
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