Gaming Munny makers: vinyl toy customs for the win

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It goes without saying that die-hard gamers have the subconscious desire to recreate the artifacts and friendly faces of their favorite games. Given the bountiful onslaught of Katamari cakes, Lego sculptures, and 8-bit Perler Bead accessories, crafters and artists in every niche of the gaming community have developed various means of bringing their virtual friends to reality, some in more extreme ways than others.

One could suspect that the proliferation of customized gaming stuffs results from the larger lack of game-themed housewares available at your local department store. It’s ultimately understood however that you’re about 10 times more saucesome if you do-it-yourself, which is why the following batch of game-related Munny makers hit the top of my sauce list. Yes, I think they’re quite the sauce.

While the default vinyl Munny from Kid Robot is an atypical 3-D surface to work on, the following artists clearly know how to wrangle a blank bubbly figure to make that cuddly Yoshi-suit Mario that you’ve always wanted but has yet to be commercially manufactured.  Despite the legal ruckus that Emilio Lopez’s Gears of War Munny caused a while back with Epic, the people prevail and continue rendering their own appropriations of game characters with vinyl ferocity. Take that, The Man!

Sadly, it’ll take a few more years of saving real munnies before I can bribe some talented custom toy maker to construct me one of my own. Until then, enjoy the following game-themed custom Munnys and other figurines that’ll make the vinyl toy collector in you burn with envy.

[Thanks to Harrison, Sandman, and Pidge for the help!]

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