Gaming journos come clean on gaming gaps, even me

Kyle Orland put together a feature over at GameDaily that discusses the importance of game journalists needing to have played every important game in order to be, well, a good game journalist. The thing is, just because we are in the field, it doesn’t mean that we all need to have played every single game in order to bring great coverage to the masses. Check it out and let us know what you think on the subject. I’ll share some of the thoughts with you here:

Destructoid’s Robert Summa:

Destructoid Executive Editor Robert Summa admits he never developed a taste for Final Fantasy during his formative years because “my circle of friends growing up, that’s just not the kind of games we played. We played sports games, Mario, and all the other classics.” 

Journo views on WoW:

World of Warcraft was a surprisingly common omission from many journalist’s playlists, given its popularity among millions of registered players. St. Petersburg Times game reviewer and blogger Josh Korr resisted the game’s immense popularity because “for everything I’ve read about WoW, nobody has satisfactorily explained what’s so great about it.” Denver Post game columnist Dave Thomas was put off by “the bleary eyes of WoW players as they try to turn their endless hours of grind into some interesting conversation.” But some are not so strong — Gamasutra podcast host Tom Kim finally decided to stop being “that guy who doesn’t play World of Warcraft” among his friends because, as he puts it, “there comes a point where, due to critical mass, certain things become nigh unavoidable.” 

What do you think? How important is it that your favorite source of gaming know-how be extremely well-versed in gaming’s past and/or present? 

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