Gaming experience not real enough for you? Buy this vest.

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As I read about this device and looked at the snapshots, my mind conjured up a few amusing pictures of gamers using this for the first time. I also wondered just why anybody would actually want to own such a device, and just how real people want the whole gaming experience to be in the first place. Just where are we going to draw the line?

Anyway, the whole concept behind this device is to draw players even further into the action than ever before, through tactile feedback. Originally envisioned as a medical training device to help doctors judge how much force they are using when prodding patients, somebody decided that this could have another application of interest — videogames. Through a series of pneumatic thumps delivered to your torso in accordance with the hits you take in-game, the makers of this device hope to take your favorite hobby to the next level.

Perhaps you could just as easily have a drunk buddy with a stick poke and prod at you every time you take a hit during intense games of Halo 3, but that just wouldn’t be as much fun, now would it? Anyway, for a cool  $189 this November, you too can up the ante with the official “3rd Space” vest.

As for the rest of us, we’ll be sitting back with our DualShock controllers, trying to contain our snickers while you scream out like a little girl every time you touch the doorknob and get shocked — all the while listening to you talk about how cool this thing is.

Would any of you guys and gals actually consider buying this? 

[Via Yahoo — Thanks Justin]

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