Gaming adjacent: Your favorite Attack of the Show host is going to be an X-Man

Kevin Pereira am cry

Gamers and all-around lovers of nerd culture love it when shows or outlets hire very attractive women for their programs in order to cater to that lower demographic and drive ratings. This appeared to be the case back in the day when the G4 network brought along Olivia Munn to a somewhat-popular show amongst us nerdy folk called Attack of the Show.

For some at the time, this signified the downfall of not only the show, but the lack of focus and intent that it and the network originally had — believe it or not, G4TV was actually pretty good for a decent number of years. During her stint at G4 and after, Munn received the usual amount of hate you can expect when thrown into the situation she was tossed into.

But since G4’s downfall, Munn has been working hard to keep her foot in the Hollywood door. After a role on HBO’s Newsroom, Munn has landed her biggest shot yet to really make it: She’s going to be Psylocke in the next X-Men.

Sorry guys, it looks like your favorite female gaming host is going to continue to appear in your favorite things.

[Via Flixist and Instagram]

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