Gametrailers previews Silent Hill: Homecoming with plenty of footage

I’ve done a lot of complaining about Silent Hill: Homecoming. The visual homages to the movie and the cheap revival of Pyramid Head have done little to fill me with confidence that Homecoming is the return to form that fans have been waiting for. You know what, though? I’ll give her a fair shake.

I hereby swear not to be uptight with Homecoming until I get it in my hands, and only when I have spent time alone in a dark room with it shall I judge this new chapter, Pyramid Head or not. I shall keep my hopes wisely lowered, but I will not go into it expecting a disaster. After all, the combat is looking solid and the conversation trees could lend a new level of depth. 

Destructoid’s biggest Hill fans in Colette, Dale and myself will be triple-teaming this beast when it’s released later in the month. After a year of being disappointed, hard-to-please bitches, we shall see if Double Helix can come close to matching Team Silent’s previous work.

James Stephanie Sterling