GameStop wants your Wii Balance Boards

The biggest games retailer in North America seems to think that people will desire the Wii Balance Board in the near future. It’s the only explanation I have for an offer GameStop recently sent out to customers via e-mail because the far less interesting alternative is that they just have a ton of copies of Wii Fit without the accompanying accessory.

So, what’s GameStop offering up? $40 in trade credit. That seems to be close to the going rate on eBay. If you want to partake, there’s a coupon attached that you can print out

I just can’t comprehend a need for the thing. There was one in my home and the more I used it, the less I wanted to continue using it. I’ve never had exceptional balance, which may contribute to the distaste as I found it utterly maddening and rather uncomfortable. I’d love for a game to come out which demanded me to give it another chance but something tells me there’s nothing too compelling on its way.

[Thanks, thejesusninja26!]

Conrad Zimmerman