GameStop wants to connect to your XBL/PSN accounts

US retailer GameStop wants to make it easier to buy downloadable content in-store by linking your GameStop ID to your Xbox Live and PlayStation Network account. 

Digital business GM Shawn Freeman wants to “reduce even more of that friction, so when you buy that map pack in our store, we’re going to be able to associate your Xbox profile with your GameStop profile, and then automatically push that to your download queue.

“… Our view is that when you look at all the different ways people buy content digitally, that experience and that discovery experience is key to realize that opportunity … if we do a good job, that’s going to continue to bring value to our publishers and our platform partners, because we’re going to continue to drive more sales for them.”

The retailer is apparently doing this right now, actively working on a way to automatically push content to your console so you don’t have to input your own codes. I think that’s pretty cool, but I’m sure that some gamers will find a reason to hate GameStop for it.

Link Xbox Live to… GameStop? Buy in store, it’s waiting at home [Ars Technica]

James Stephanie Sterling