GameStop to open early for the DSi XL’s launch

While Nintendo might have rained on the DSi XL’s launch a bit when it announced the 3DS, it doesn’t seem like GameStop’s mood on the new, larger DSi has lessened any. The retail game store has announced that it will be opening 3,200 of its stores at 9 a.m. tomorrow so that those who want the DSi XL can get it as soon as possible.

A week ago I would be rushing to my room to reset my alarm since I had planned to buy the DSi XL, and I would be applauding GameStop’s ability to get it into my hands faster. Now, however, I think I’ll be sleeping in a bit tomorrow and waking up early on the 3DS’s launch day.

Anyone going to get up early tomorrow? If so you can find out which GameStops are opening early here.

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