Gamestop to hold in-store Guitar Hero II tournament; winner gets a t-shirt

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Last week, our Gamestop mole alerted us to an in-store Guitar Hero II tournament that was being held at select Gamestop/EB Game stores on February 3rd. Excited, I eagerly signed up so I could probably get my tail kicked by an eight-year old girl who would hurl profanities at me as she trampled “Hanger 18” on expert. Still, there was hope. Hope that no one else would show up and I’d win the prize by default.

My excitement soon faded when I learned that the first prize was not a copy of the game, not a wireless guitar, and not even a $25 gift card. The prize, I’ve been told, will be a t-shirt with the name of the game on it.

Now, I’ve attached an image of a t-shirt that I’ve had lying around for about six months now; if we’re safe to assume that this simple t-shirt is the prize, it’s also safe to assume you should just sleep in that day and skip the “event” altogether. Also take note of the state of my shirt and the lint that covers it — this is the kind of “prize” that will be used to clean up spills and/or end up in a pile of laundry you don’t care enough about to wash.

Whether this is stinginess on the part of Gamestop, Red Octane, or Activision is unknown, but one thing is clear — everyone is a loser in this tournament.

If you’re still up for it and just want to show off your chops in public (or for some reason can’t live without an XL Guitar Hero II t-shirt), hit up GameStop’s website for a list of participating stores.

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