GameStop outs first potential Rock Band 3 DLC

When Rock Band 3 ships this holiday, you’ll be able to immediately play nearly all of your existing song content, from the stuff that shipped on discs to that Miley Cyrus song you bought while you were drunk last week. But since the folks who author this content have families and lives, don’t go expecting everything to get retrofit for new features like keyboards, pro modes, and vocal harmonies.

But the content going forward? Sure, probably. And if GameStop’s Rock Band 3 pre-order incentive is correct, Harmonix and MTV Games already have some solid songs lined up to take advantage of these new features. The retailer is offering up a voucher code that will allow you to download the following tracks:

  • Talking Heads – “Burning Down The House”
  • Deftones – “My Own Summer”
  • New Order – “Blue Monday”

Of the three tracks, two feature heavy keyboards and/or vocal harmonies (“Burning Down The House” and “Blue Monday”); the Deftones track just kind of rocks. Sure, the tracks only add up to about a $8 $6 value [Note: math is hard], but at least it’s better than an ill-fitting t-shirt that will end up as a rag you use to wipe down your instruments. Or something else, but that’s your own personal business.

[Thanks, Power-Glove!]

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