GameStop offering limited edition version of The Conduit

Despite the wretched box art, The Conduit appears to be an awesome Wii-exclusive shooter. If you’ve already decided to purchase the title, then you may want to grab it at GameStop. (Stop moaning.) Right now, the company’s Web site is promoting an exclusive Limited Edition version of the game that will net you a few bonus goodies with purchase.

And here are the items:

  • Unique ASE (All-Seeing Eye) with custom detail and projected light
  • “Secret Agent” multiplayer character
  • 24-page artbook featuring concept art from the game world

Wait, will the ASE flashlight actually work? Because there’s a hollow spot in my wall that I’ve wanted to check out for some time now. My girlfriend thinks its nothing, but I’m about nine hundred percent sure the holy grail is in there behind some sort of invisible door.

[via Nintendo Pad]

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