GameStop new perks?: Free trials, personal shoppers

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You got your GameStop Edge card, right? Mine just kind of rots in the back of my wallet. Maybe if there were some new loyalty perks it would see the light of day more.

A new survey to members points to some new possible features in the works. It seems that they’re throwing some ideas out to users to get a feel for what people would like and would be willing to pay for. One is a levelling system. One purchase gets you to level 1, where you might get a birthday discount and deals on strategy guides. Level 2? After making 15 purchases or trades (or pay $20), you might get a magazine subscription or dibs on new games. “Easy access to purchase collector’s editions of games” was one of the bulletpoints for level 2.

An additional GameStop Elite membership ($15) could get you even more discounts on on previously owned games and accessories (15%).

What’s crazy is the last things mentioned by Opposable Thumbs’s article on the surveys. They point to free three-day trials of used software, personal shoppers, and priority on new games and consoles. They have even more possible perks listed in their article.

I wasn’t that interested until I read the last few items. Are any of you down with these changes? Did any of you receive this survey?

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