GameStop lists Rock Band peripherals with a 2008 release date

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If you’re thinking about skipping the Rock Band bundle, and just picking up the stand-alone game for use with your Guitar Hero controller, you might want to think again.

GameStop/EB Games is now listing all of the game’s individual peripherals with a February 4, 2008 release date — that’s the drums, the Fender guitar, and the USB microphone. While all of these are included in the kit that will be available in stores on Friday, November 23, if the listing is correct, you’ll have to wait awhile before you can buy them separately. 

While this shouldn’t prove to be a huge deal to most gamers who have already made up their mind to drop $169.99 on the full kit, it might make them use a bit more caution when trying to land that huge drum solo. Imagine — in a drunken, metal -nduced rage — breaking the drum kit on December 15, only to have to wait over a month to get your rock n’ roll on again … yikes.

While these peripheral ship dates haven’t been confirmed (and are subject to both change and retailer bulls**t), we’ve contacted Harmonix for final word on the matter, and will keep you updated as information comes in.

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