GameStop knows your family is broke, starts new summer thing

GameStop is celebrating the global recession in style. Earlier today the bastion of civilization announced the beginning of “Family Night In,” a weekly program designed to help families battle the high cost of having fun. On every Tuesday from now until September 1, participating stores will offer 20 percent bonus trade-ins that can be applied to “select Family Night In” titles. In addition to this, the company will be gifting ten lucky people a week gift cards to restaurants and offering Basket Robbins cake coupons for anyone who buys more than 15 dollars worth of crap.

Clever marketers and a silly Harris survey have made this new program possible. According to survey data, people don’t want to spend money unwisely on entertainment. They’re also cutting back the amount they spend. Go figure.

Family Night In titles include NASCAR Kart Racing, Mario Kart Wii, Nerf-N-Strike, UFC Undisputed, Street Fighter IV and many more. If you’re hot for Family Night In, check out the official Web page. It has pretty stars and pictures of candy. Sweet.

Brad BradNicholson