GameStop is discontinuing its surprisingly good Elite Pro program tomorrow, but you can still sign up today

This program is great for people who buy used games

GameStop is giving the axe to one of its most popular consumer rewards programs at the beginning of August. Starting tomorrow, the Elite Pro tier of GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards will be retired.

This was first sussed out by a GameStop assistant store manager on reddit, and then corroborated by other Elite Pro subscribers via emails they received about the program changing. GameStop offers three different tiers of PowerUp Reward: The Player tier is free, the Pro tier costs $15 per year, and Elite Pro costs $30 per year.

Elite Pro comes with an automatic 20 percent discount on all used games and accessories; an additional 20 percent trade-in credit on games, accessories, and tech; and 30 rewards points for every dollar spent. It’s a bargain for people who primarily frequent GameStop when buying video games. Here’s a breakdown of all the benefits for each tier (which can also be seen in the image below).

There’s one final chance to buy into Elite Pro. GameStop still sells Elite Pro memberships until the end of today, July 31. Tomorrow, that opportunity is gone. GameStop will honor the Elite Pro benefits through the end of a customer’s membership. So, anyone who buys one today would be covered until July 31, 2019. Buy now or forever hold your peace.

RIP elite pro cards! [reddit]

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