Gamestop is afraid of ghosts, begins canceling Ghostbusters preorders

Awhile back, we learned that Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters was left off of the Activision Blizzard release schedule. Immediately, we were able to confirm through Sierra that the game was still in production. Now, it appears that Gamestop has lost the hope that we all had for the title and are beginning to notify customers that their Ghostbusters preorders are being canceled.

It’s an odd scenario, considering that the game is still alive and kicking. Nick got preview code for the game earlier this month. While the release date is still listed as “TBA,” there’s hardly an excuse for canceling preorders, especially considering that my Gamestop has an entire shelf dedicated to fake copies of the game. Also, there is no listing for Ghostbusters on Gamestop’s official website.

At this point, I’m forced to deduce that Gamestop is just out there to crush my dreams and push copies of Game Informer on me. Hopefully as the day progresses we’ll be able to sort out the dream crushing and this cancelation issue.

[via Ripten]

Brad BradNicholson