GameStop, Gamecrazy stop Wii Fit pre-orders, Americans not so lazy after all

Thinking about picking up your copy of Wii Fit at GameStop or Gamecrazy next week? Maybe when that clerk was harassing you about pre-ordering it you should have given it some thought, cool guy. 

According to IGN, both retailers have suspended their pre-orderings, having already sold out of their initial allocations. All hope is not lost — it appears you can still pre-order the game from, and you might have some luck picking up the title at larger retailers like Target and K-Mart, neither of which accept pre-orders.

One Gamecrazy location told IGN that they were “still accepting ‘second orders’ for those who have already reserved one unit” which not only doesn’t make any sense, but seems like a nasty way of saying “nanny,nanny, poo poo” to someone who “should have reserved the game when [they] asked the first time.”

Wii Fit is already a ridiculous sensation in both Japan and Europe, and I’d suggest everyone hold on to their hats for the impending North American media blitz.

[Via GoNintendo

Nick Chester