GameStop extends loyalty program through Kongregate

Further exploiting their acquisition of Flash game portal Kongregate, GameStop has announced in a press release an extension of their PowerUp Rewards loyalty program into that site. PowerUp Rewards members will be able to earn additional frequent flyer miles bonus points that they can spend on coupons at GameStop, virtual currency at Kongregate or a wide variety of other gaming-related junk.

So, how do you earn those points? Linking your accounts and installing the Android app will get you some, but there’s also going to be opportunities to earn points by playing games. Each day, Kongregate will feature a “Badge of the Day” challenge that rewards players with points for earning a specific achievement in one of the games on the site.

Pretty clever. With the increasing bite in their business coming from digital distribution and other online retailers, having an excuse for people to interact on a daily basis with GameStop could be vital to their business going forward. Sounds like that investment might have been worthwhile.

Conrad Zimmerman