GameStop Expo rumor rundown

You get those GameStop guys together in one room, and you start to hear interesting things. This being GameStop, you can’t really believe all you hear (no offense, guys), but the items do make for interesting conversation pieces. The fine folks at 1UP have compiled some interesting tidbits, and we have the cliff notes:

  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is coming to PS2 this fall
  • PSP 3000 will come with a 4GB MemoryStick, bundle for $199
  • 60GB 360 harddrive will be $99 in a new bundle, includes 12mo. LIVE
  • PGR4/ 12 mo. LIVE bundle will be $69.99
  • New Indiana Jones trailer coming next week
  • Indiana Jones game will use Force Unleashed engine
  • GTA DS: You’ll hotwire cars with the stylus (LAWL)
  • Animal Crossing: City Folk will be $70

Do you believe any of this? Keep in mind that this is not coming from that mumbly guy who makes up stuff at your local GameStop. This is coming from their bosses. Ooooh!

[Thanks, Andrew B]

Dale North