GameStop aiming for casual audience, may stock less “hardcore” games

I may have bitched in the past about poor or overzealous service, overcrowded retail locations or employees that all look strangely alike when talking about GameStop in the past. But honestly, this is bad news for GameStop if it means what I think it means. Maybe I had complaints before, but at least I knew I could rely on them when I had to buy Persona 3. Now according to a recent meeting between GameStop corporate and Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian, GameStop’s focus for 2008 has changed. Here’s some of the brainwash talk:

“…Management indicated that the company is making progress in broadening its consumer base as videogames move into the mainstream, and there is broad consumer demand for Nintendo platforms (Wii and DS)…We note that merchandising to a broader consumer audience will remain a strategic priority for GameStop into 2008.”

GameStop has mentioned retooling the store layouts before, saying “it is no longer only the hardcore gamer who knows exactly what he wants.” Talk about foreshadowing. These sods open an average of 500 stores a year, so expecting them to care about the needs of the core gamers is like waiting for a cafeteria worker to come heat up your cold soup. 

I expect GameStop could very well go the way of Nintendo, aiming to please the new demographic they have captured with the Wii. Two words for you, people: total disappointment. Also, if any of you GameStop employees come after me in the comments, may your God help you if you try to explain some tripe to me about why this is a good thing without having your proof at the ready.

[Via Next-Gen.Biz – Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett