GameStation claimed 7,500 customer souls in experiment

I wish this were one of those situations that involved a mad scientist and a lab with a whole bunch of those Jacob’s Ladder things. You know, the two vertical poles with electricity moving between them that rises up and looks totally awesome? Those things are sweet.

This is much more pedestrian but still both horrifying and amusing to think about. UK retailer GameStation made a little change to the terms and conditions of purchasing from their website in early April, which stated that customers gave the company the right to claim their eternal souls. Customers were given an opportunity to opt out — and get a £5 price reduction in the process — but only a paltry 12% of people actually did.

GameStation says they will be contacting customers to inform that claims to their souls are being nullified. 

7,500 shoppers unknowingly sold their souls [News:Lite via Geekologie]

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