GamesMaster to return to UK TV?

The majority of UK gamers will look back fondly on the year 1992 as it saw the start of the cult gaming show, GamesMaster, air on television. 12 years later, the classic show is rumoured to return by Q4 2010.

GamesMaster was the very first television programme aired in the UK exclusively involving videogames. The original show was marketed in the sports category as the shows main focus was competitive gaming, but also covered reviews, hints and tips. One of the shows most recognisable characters was “The Gamesmaster”, a cybernetic Sir Patrick Moore, with a rather well to-do British accent who handed out golden joysticks.

According to MCV, Future purchased the brand last year but up until now the licence for the TV show has remained with Double Act Films. Now Future are looking at potential TV networks, presenters and large amounts of interest is already being generated. The new show is said to now focus on new releases with a bigger and better production value than previously seen, and is likely to find sponsorship from large gaming retailers.

Oh GamesMaster, we are not worthy!

Hollie Bennett