Gamescom gave us a better look at some of Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s new features

Stasis is going to be a big one

“Stasis” is going to be a huge aspect of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, when it arrives later this year. Billed as a drastic shift in mechanics, you can basically wield the power of stasis to take down enemies, which is heavily entwined in the lore of the expansion.

In short? This is the whole “embrace the darkness” angle: a new dark subclass of sorts. Although Bungie isn’t doing a deep dive today, we’re getting a quick look at all three ways stasis can be utilized, with looks at the Warlock, Hunter and Titan. Warlock is rocking the Shadebinder archetype, Hunter is the Revenant and the Titan is the Behemoth.

While I’m not thrilled with the sunsetting of content later this year, the actual new powers look like a mechanical shakeup that Destiny 2 needed. I wouldn’t have complained if these came ages ago in the first iteration, even!

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