Games of the week for 31/01/10: Chaos Rising edition

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This week I’ve been playing Chaos Rising, the new expansion pack for Dawn of War II. I had bumloads of fun with it and a preview for the game is coming this week. There will also be a full preview of Metro 2033 as well, so keep reading Destructoid over the next few days for the word on THQ’s biggest upcoming games. 

Speaking of games, we played games! Hit the jump and you might very well find out which ones!

Concelmo: I want to write about how I have been replaying The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Final Fantasy VIII, but that would take away space from saying how much I LOVE MASS EFFECT 2!


Love it.

So much.

Chester: I completed BioShock 2 and started playing Heavy Rain, neither of which I can really talk about right now. I will say that while I was really turned off by the preview code of Heavy Rain (which featured the opening chapters of the game), that’s not entirely the case any longer. 

Also playing Chime, an awesome not-for-profit XBLA game that hits next week, and Drop7 on the iPhone because I’m addicted.

Nicholson: I’ve been playing too much as of late. I checked out Death by Cube and Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment over XBLA. I didn’t enjoy my time with Death by Cube. I think it’s much too difficult and clumsily designed. The fact that you can screw yourself from progressing if you can’t beat a single level, despite the game having an overworld free-to-roam map, was ridiculous. Vandal Hearts, on the other hand, was great. It’s been a long time since I’ve been into a strategy RPG, nonetheless one that feels like Shining Force

On the big boy front, more Mass Effect 2 and SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo 3. I talked a lot about ME2 in our recent review, and I can’t comment on Slant Six’s latest just yet. A few more days and I can, I believe.

Aziz: I’ve been playing PACKING. FUN!

Sterling: Been playing Heavy Rain, and like Nick I cannot really talk about it. I will say that I had to stop playing it tonight because my nerves needed a rest. I was at a THQ event most of the week, checking out Metro 2033 and Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising. One of them is very is impressive, one of them let me down. I can’t say which did what right now, though, but keep checking Dtoid for the upcoming previews. As far as games I can talk about go, I’ve only been playing Valhalla Knights 2 for review, and not a single one of you gives a shit about that.

Nicholson: Is it as bad as the original Valhalla Knights, Jim?

Sterling: These games are bad if you’re unprepared for them. I was ready for a grind, and once you sink your teeth in, it can be pretty decent. Not brilliant, but not terrible.

Nicholson: That’s good to hear. I was jazzed for the first, but just got lost in all the systems and challenges. 

Totally forgot something — I played some iPhone games this week as well. None of them were good. In fact, I think Trenches is the only good iPhone game I’ve played since Zombieville USA.

Niero: I’ve momentarily turned into Nick Chester.  All I want to do is play Rock Band.  All the time.  Ever.  I love to flip on “no fail” and wail on the drums on expert.  It’s also a serious workout!  Maybe one day I’ll start to get the notes 🙂

Razak: I finally got to start No More Heroes 2 and if the first boss is any inclination I will be loving this one as much as I loved the first one. I also replayed some NSMB Wii and have come to the conclusion that world 7 is one of the greatest moments in platform history ever. Seriously, every level in that world is absolutely inspired and does things with the Mario formula that blow my mind.

Also, a friend randomly gave me Wii Fit Plus. I have yet to experiment with it.

Burch: NMH2 gets insanely dull after the midpoint, Sir Razak. Enjoy the wackiness while you can.

Tolentino: I’ve been avoiding playing Mass Effect 2, given that I’ve yet to finish Mass Effect 1. In the meantime I’ve been playing the hell out of Star Trek Online. It’s a nerd paradise, and my Borg character doesn’t regret that lifetime subscription one bit. For now, at least.

PerLee: I played the Lady Gaga version of Tap Tap Revenge.

GOTY 2010.

Also, I did a fudge ton of previews. AvP, Lego Harry Potter, Socom, Darwinia+, and am currently sitting in a hotel room outside Pasadena California after seeing a NASCAR race with community member Suff0cat
and Rey while checking out a new game based off Days of Thunder. Fun, but I am exhausted. Whew.

As for other games, Tatsunoko vs Capcom has been eating up my life. Team of Batsu and Zero or Polimar ftw.

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