Games of the week for 11/22/09: Get on mah horse edition

Old meme is old, I know, but I’ve been in Miami all week and Niero has not stopped playing it. It’s stuck in my head and I feel I must exorcise the demon by posting it on the frontpage. So yes, do please look at my horse. My horse is amazing.

While I am here, I promised I’d give a shout out to Destructoid’s new Steam group, since I am now a super PC gamer and have been rocking the computer games all week. So yeah, if you’re a Steam user and love Dtoid, check it out!

Anyway, videogames. Hit the jump to find out about all the damn videogames.

Dyson: NSMBW. Working on 100% completion so I can access the extra levels. Aaaaaaaaand, uh, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. That’s about it. SO EXCITE!!!!!!

Sterling: Beat Assassin’s Creed II for review. Long game. Too long. Also been trying to play Left 4 Dead 2 when the lag doesn’t utterly decimate my fun, which it does often and without remorse. I am also a PC gamer now, and downloaded Zeno Clash from Steam to try it out. I simply adore how weird and original it is, and the first-person combat is interesting. So far it looks a touch repetitive, but it’s early goings.

Also rocked Doom II (nostalgia!), Audiosurf (amazing!) and used Fallout 3 to test the new graphics card (outside the vault with all settings pushed to the max and it runs beautifully). I also have Dawn of War II downloaded but am yet to check it out. Looking forward, though!

Most of the week was spent in Miami, previewing Raskulls for XBLA. Our full coverage is coming soon, but let me say right now that it’s a crazy fun party game and I believe my faith in it was justified. Stay tuned for hot video of the game in action!

Bennett: I just started Persona PSP. I’m super late on getting around to it but I’m just loving every minute of it.

Tolentino: I broke down and rented Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3, and about midway through the campaign my launch-model 60gb died, displaying the so-called Yellow Light of Death. Perhaps I am being punished for not taking my PC gamer indignation cross-platform.

In the meantime I completed Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines on the PSP. The latter really does feel like an Assassin’s Creed game, but sadly plays more like the first one than the second. At least I’ll be able to unlock Assassin’s Creed II goodies for when I get my PS3 back.

Also, I’m finding Dragon Age surprisingly playable on my dumpy laptop. As an added plus, turning the details down to “low” removes the ridiculous blood spatter effect. People should never engage in such plummy conversation without at least toweling off.

Zimmerman: The stack of games I haven’t played is getting higher, while the stack of games I have, well, isn’t. I’ve been pretty much decimated by some nasty cold all week, which would normally be conducive to playing games but I just kept getting dizzy after a bit. 

Still, I managed to play some Borderlands, admittedly a bit under duress. My woman has become an absolute addict ever since we started this three-way system link thing in our apartment. We’ve all hit level fifty and will probably finish a second playthrough … just in time for The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned to come out on Tuesday.

She and Gearbox may be conspiring to kill me.

Cantler: The usual. 😛


The other day I was playing the game with a few friends who don’t regularly play videogames. At one point, we were ascending one of the early castles the game (the one with the all the chainlink fences you have to grab onto). Everyone in the room was drinking beer, laughing uncontrollably, generally having an all around amazing time. Even though our progress through the level was ridiculously slow since everyone was dying, all that mattered was that everyone was having such a great time.

It was glorious.

The more I play New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the more I fall in love with it. The details in the game are so splendid that I really couldn’t have hoped for a better gaming experience.

Razak: NSMB Wii! I agree with all aforementioned praise and greatness. Not that the VGA’s are anything but a big, overblown advertisement, but it’s so frickin annoying that it didn’t get a game of the year nod at all. God forbid something that didn’t involve guns or copious amounts of violence get a nod. Just shows what a joke the VGAs are.

Holmes: So far, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is my GOTY. I’ve never played a 2D platformer that has this kind of universal appeal. Hell, I’m not sure if I’ve played any videogame ever that has this sort of universal appeal.

I know that everybody doesn’t love it, but it seems that everyone who actually gives it a try at least likes it. So far, I’ve played the game with an angry, PS3-loving drug addict; a paranoid schizophrenic who can barely speak; two part-time models who think that videogames are for nerds; some little kids; and, of course, my actual friends. All of them became instantly addicted. They seriously couldn’t put it down.

So yeah, I played NSMB Wii with all those people, and played the Bit.Trip BEAT demo (Dtoid mention at the end, hooray!), the FFCC: My Life as a Darklord demo (which ruled), Pokemon Rumble (which is awfully awesome), Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (for review), and Excitebike Wold Rally (addictive online). Also revisited Blast Works/Tumiki Fighters, and the Bit.Trip games, all to prepare for Bit.Trip VOID, which comes out tomorrow.

DMV: Been playing through Modern Warfare 1’s story fairly slowly, and am now getting serious with BlazBlue by spending way too much time on the Dustloop forums. There’s so much I don’t know, and I’m determined to get better at this. I suppose I’ll need to start spending an hour or two in practice mode every day to learn how to do a lot of these combos and make them muscle memory.

Aziz: Modern Warfare 2! Also, Halo: ODST, Sonic 2 and holy crap why did nobody tell me how AWESOME ‘Splosion Man was?! Tonight, I will be playing Mario Kart 64 to prepare for a tournament tomorrow at a Play N’ Trade. Loving this vacation!

Grim: I’ve also been playing some New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I would have beaten the last world by now if my sister and I didn’t try to sabotage each other 90% of the time. Whoever thought being able to pick up teammates and A) jumping into lava, killing the both of you, or B) throwing them into a chasm would be awesome was totally right. It never gets old. Also, some Modern Warfare 2. Only six Spec Ops stars to go (kill me now)!

My copy of Modern Warfare 2 arrived on Wednesday; by Friday evening, I beat the ridiculous (but really fun-to-play) Michael-Bay-esque solo campaign, and on Friday night, I jumped straight into some multiplayer with the Dtoid PS3 crowd. I had a great time — I’d been away from FNF for a damn long time, and it was awesome to come back and find the same old crew (Y0j1mb0, Takeshi, SantanaClaus89, Corak, etc.) partying up to shoot dudes in the face. I played for a little over three hours and got all the way up to level 12; after some more ass-kicking multiplayer time last night, I’m up to level 16. Modern Warfare multiplayer: it’s like riding a bike, man.

I bought the Abbey Road DLC for The Beatles: Rock Band last week, but I didn’t actually get around to playing it until Friday afternoon (as you might have gathered, Fridays are usually big gaming days for me). I played through the Abbey Road medley three times — I beat it on Hard drums, got 92% through it on Expert vocals before failing, and then went right back at it on Expert vocals and beat it with five stars! I’m awesome. Then I played a bunch of LEGO Rock Band, where I gold-starred “Let’s Dance” on Expert guitar. Fun times! That game’s soundtrack is definitely uneven, but when it’s good, it’s really good.

Chester: God of War Collection, Assassin’s Creed II, ModNation Racers, and plenty of Rock Band (both 2 and LEGO) with my family. I’d write more, but I’d rather spend this time actually playing videogames and not writing about them… something that doesn’t really happen during the week.

PerLee: I broke down and entered the 21st century and bought a 40 inch HDTV. Right now, every moment I play Assassin’s Creed II or L4D2, all I can think about is how this text is going to be legible, or how that zombie is going to not be a mass of pixels. It’s going to be really nice, so all I have to do now is wait for the damn TV to ship here.

Also, consider Dead Rising to be a playable game for once!

Zimmerman: I never realized how much an HDTV was going to change my life until it was there. It’s good to have you with us, Ben.

Sarkar: Yay technology!

Nicholson: Aye-o

Niero: I’ve been playing Miami with Jim Sterling

James Stephanie Sterling