Games of the Week for 11/21/2010: Spanish voting edition

[The above video is about as safe for work as When Harry Met Sally]

Apparently, Spain is about to have elections. I know this because the Socialist Catalonian Party has made an advertisement in which a woman voting has an orgasm at the ballot box. If the US political ads had less old, wrinkly white guys and more youthful, writhing voters, maybe we could get turnout up a bit.

But I have completely ignored the issue of the moment. We now take this time to talk about the games which spent a little time in our hearts this week. Why not let us know what you’ve been playing?

Chester: Pac Man CE DX is great, everyone should go buy this. Now. Finally finished Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ single player campaign and audibly groaned at the game’s conclusion, right before the credits roll. Been also re-playing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on my retail Xbox 360 and loving it even more than when I reviewed it because of the Autolog stuff. Will probably start Majin this weekend, and reviewing Nail’d which is fucking fast.

Bennett, C.: Still throwing an hour into Zuma Blitz here and there, just starting Sands of Time HD, and wondering when I can get my hands on more of 999 after salivating on the demo today.

Zimmerman: I’m just about through Dead Nation for review. I’ve also toppled the mighty Nick Chester in Zuma Blitz and repeatedly defeat his high score in Pac-Man CE DX. I also tried again to play Heavy Rain, this time with the Move controls. Lost interest during the “JASON!” sequence after I actually found Jason and yelled his name directly into his ear for twenty minutes.

And I picked up Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood for Xbox 360 after reading Nick’s review and am just starting to poke around. I love the multiplayer but getting into a lobby has been a real hassle. It’s a good thing I’m enjoying the campaign as well.

PerLee: Dude, Conrad, I’d love to play some Ass Creed Bros multi with you. That’s all I’ve been playing this week, and I’d love to stabby stab you. I’ll bug you next time I see you online.

Also, Karaoke Revolution Glee. Done and done.

Toletino: Same here, Conrad and Ben. I’m loving the asymmetrical multiplayer of Brotherhood. It’s like The Ship but with more hand-knives. Also I’m somewhat relieved to hear that you’re not the only one having trouble finding a lobby. 

Besides Brotherhood, I’m powering through Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II so I can give it to my nephew for Christmas, god forbid that I have his parents pay full price for what amounts to a lengthy DLC campaign.

North: Bejeweled 3. Freakin’ Bejeweled 3. It’s like crack. Delicious crack. When I’m not playing that I’m playing Tall Unlimited, a really strange PS1 puzzle game that’s now available on the PlayStation Network. I suck at it, but I can’t stop playing it.

Sterling: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, which is an absolute delight. It has a Zelda-esque vibe to it, which is strange because there’s no real overworld or traditional dungeons. It is very charming, and a lot of fun. Also played The Shoot, which was a mediocre game wrapped in a fantastic aesthetic, and RAGE iPhone, which was a solid game hidden behind unwieldy controls. 

I am trying Aion as well, for potential coverage. First MMO I’ve tried. Quite enjoyable, although I don’t know if I’ve time for all that grinding. 

Concelmo: For the first time since college I pulled a literal all-nighter and did not sleep even one minute while playing Donkey Kong Country Returns. I love that game so much. I am now going back and trying to get Gold on all the Time Attacks. It is absolutely impossible. After playing the game so much you would think Gold would be easy. It’s not. I think I am doing something wrong.

Also, put in a little more time with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, but then quickly went back to OMG DONKEY KONG!

Holmes: I didn’t sleep that much either. I was playing Epic Mickey for review. It’s… surprising. I’ll leave it at that for now. 

I also played more Black Ops, Wii Sports Tennis and Let’s Catch. I still hold to my belief that Let’s Catch is one of the most relaxingly addictive games ever made. Also dug into the old WiiWare stash for some Bit.Trip CORE and Mega Man 9. They’re not that relaxing, but they certainly help take you mind off of real life stress. Lastly, I was introduced to The Godfather on the Wii. It feels really weird to steal a car in a Wii game. 

Devore: Beat Enslaved, loved it, and unlike some people, I thought the ending was perfectly acceptable. A little abrupt, but fine. Also, Pac-Man CE DX. I’ve opted to play through all of the stages rather than focus on building up one score for the sake of leaderboards, but I’m still hooked. I will be even more hooked once I go into competition mode.

Sarkar: After hearing tons of talk about how great Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is, I decided to pop Assassin’s Creed II back into my 360, since I bought the game in February and haven’t played it much. The save file said as much: the date on it was March 1st, and I was just over two hours into the game. But I quickly started feel myself getting sucked back into 15th-century Italy, so I put the game down after two or three hours because I have a big-ass research paper due this week.

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