Games of the week for 11/08/09: Parrot Sephiroth edition

Check out this awesome video, as made by Destructoid reader Phallus Knife Fight. If you did not listen to last week’s episode of Podtoid, it will mean nothing to you. Trust me, however, it is very funny and PKF is to be hailed as a god among men. A god, says I!

Speaking of God, we played some videogames this week. As always, you can hit the jump to read about what games we played. So yeah, go do that!

North: I’ve worked PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe back into my rotation. In some places this game is impossibly difficult. Bring that shit on! I’ve also just started replaying Suikoden. Remember that? Fantastic game. Forgot how good it was.

Chester: This week I played some Band Hero, Dragon Age: Origins, LEGO Rock Band, and LittleBigPlanet for the PSP. Games. Sometimes I play them.

Concelmo: Besides celebrating NICK CHESTER’S BIRTHDAY in my own special way, I finished Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (so good!) and played through Metroid Prime again. The game is timeless.

Fronz: I played through all of Torchlight in a few days. It’s much more easy than I expected, but just as addicting as I had hoped. It really hurts having no outdoor levels and not having it be multiplayer at all, so I probably won’t replay it much. However, I’m really looking forward to their Torchlight MMO game that’s coming out in the next year or so.

Oh yeah, and Runic Games gave out all of their art assets for free to encourage people to mod their game:

AND! Supposedly the Torchlight level editor is being released in the next week or so. If it’s as easy and thorough as it looks, then I’ll be hooked:

Zimmerman: Played through The Ballad of Gay Tony and got my usual Rock Band fix, predominantly from those Swedish bastards at LEGO. And I have been playing C.O.P. The Recruit on my DS for review, which I’m still not entirely sure how to feel about.

I also put a little bit of time into Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. I’m not all that fond of the new “Constructo” weapons, but that’s about the only complaint I can come with for it. Great, great game.

Holmes: I psyched myself up to actually give Uncharted 2 the old college try, despite the fact that nothing about the game looks appealing to me, when my PS3’s disc drive suddenly shat the bed. This happened in the middle of a fevered game of Critter Crunch, which is weird because there wasn’t even a disc in the disc drive at the time.

So instead of Uncharted 2, I played Disaster: Day of Crisis on the Wii, which was sort of like seeing Treasure of the Four Crowns instead of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I can’t say I was entirely unhappy about how things turned out. I’ve always preferred Four Crowns to Raiders anyway.

Also played UmJammer Lammy (can’t get past the sixth level with Parappa), Trace Memory 2, A Boy and his Blob, Domino Rally (for the soundtrack) Space Invaders Extreme 2, Half-Minute Hero, and Wii Fit Plus, all in fairly small doses.

Razak: I want back and played some Modern Warfare to get ready for next week. Wanted to get all caught up on the story. I’m damn near beating A Boy and His Blob as well.

Sarkar: I’ve been playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves thanks to the generosity of the Destructoid community (I love you all so much), and, uh, that game’s pretty good. Yeah. By that, I mean that I’m eight or nine chapters in, and already, it’s easily the best game I’ve played this year. As I said on Twitter last night, the game’s characters are relentlessly charming, even more so than in the original. I hope everyone who played the game jumped in the pool atop the Hotel Shangri-La, just like I did!

In addition, my review copy of LEGO Rock Band arrived on Friday, so I spent a while making my way through the story mode. That game has a pretty kick-ass soundtrack with a lot of awesome songs that are fun to play as well, like “Two Princes” by Spin Doctors and “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix. (And even the less awesome songs are fun to play — I actually enjoyed Good Charlotte’s “Boys and Girls” on Expert guitar.) Like Uncharted 2, the game is very charming: I found myself laughing at every single one of the story cut-scenes. Little LEGO dudes are cute, yo.

PerLee: Oh god, people will hate me for this, but I’ve been playing this amazing XBL Indie game called Beat Hazard that is a twin stick shooter, except it’s all based on the music you play. Since I don’t
have my 360 connected to my computer, the only music I’ve been playing is, um, the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. Which is ripped to my 360.


Aziz: Played through the Left 4 Dead 2 demo. Right before that, I realized I have Hexic on my 360 that I didn’t know about. So lost 2 hours of my day to that!

Sterling: Left 4 Dead 2 demo (waiting on Valve to send me the full game. They said they can’t wait to send it. I can’t wait to get it!). Borderlands has been my main game for the past week, and I’m finding it a very addictive, cathartic experience. It’s great to just immerse one’s self in the game and spend a good few hours vacuuming up loot. I also started replaying Abe’s Oddysee for the first time in, like, ten years, but found I no longer have the patience for it. Then there was more Rock Band Unplugged, as usual.

James Stephanie Sterling