Games of the week for 11/02/08: QVC is fail edition

Hilarity prevails when home shopping channel QVC accidentally broadcasts a portion of Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe at the most inopportune time. If you’ve never actually seen the segment which QVC inadvertently publicizes, I suggest you give it a quick Youtube glance, as it’s quite amusing in its own right.

Anyway, I’ve had a surprisingly busy weekend considering there was barely any news, so let’s get right down to our games of the week. Hit the jump for the usual.
Topher: I’ve been cursing Mainichi Issho for not doing a Hallowen episode, playing the Mirror’s Edge demo, and then was completely absorbed by Persona 3. I’ve also been playing YOUR FACE, Jim Sterling. What do you think of that?


Jim: You’re not ready for this jelly.

Topher: On the contrary, I’ve just made toast and was going to invite you over for a bit if you’re free. I have a delightful new lotus tea I’d like you to try.

Nick: After blowing through Fallout 3 for our review, I realized I had piles of games I had to play. So where do I start?

I’ve been in a love/hate relationship with Mirror’s Edge for about a week, but I can’t say too much until our November 11 review. Activision also finally sent over Guitar Hero World Tour, which is both fantastic and awful at the same time (reviewing that as well). I popped in my review code of WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, and have been having more fun than I had expected (reviewing that, too). This afternoon I started the Resistance 2 campaign and have had my face eaten by water-dwelling Chimera a few times in the first 45 minutes (also reviewing that). And last night, I blew through the 18 tracks of the Rock Band AC/DC Track Pack and found that 16 of the songs had obnoxious “big rock” endings; this “game” has less features than the original Rock Band, and after playing the sequel I find it hard to believe anyone would want to fire this game up after transferring the AC/DC tracks to their hard drive.

Oh, and I got some Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe code which I’m really excited to try out, but am not sure when that will happen.

Colette: Much love to Penny Arcade Adventures Episode Two, which has me every bit as charmed as the first installment did. Still working my way through Dead Space, which I seem to only be able to play in small increments due to how tense the setting is, and Order of Ecclesia for wen I just want some straightforward sidescrolling. Last but certainly not least, I’m slowly working on my Japanese using My Japanese Coach, which is a surprisingly effective learning tool.

Jim: I got a review copy of Guitar Hero: On Tour, but they didn’t send me any instruments and gave no real indication that they would. So, that won’t be reviewed by me. In actual gameplay news, my week has been a heady cocktail of Dead Space, Saint’s Row 2 and Fable 2. Had I the funds, I’d have added Fallout 3 to the mix, but right now all my cash is tied up. Such is the life of a professional blogger.

Dale: Eternal Poison is still my bitch, as is Luminous Arc 2. My Japanese Coach is refreshing my poor Japanese skills, and Little Big Planet is getting some mad love in my PS3. My levels look like shit, but they’re crafted with love.

Chad: So, I finally (60+ hours later) beat Tales of Vesperia and was super satisfied — such a great, classic game.

After that I played through Cho Aniki, started and finished Wario Land: Shake It! (SO GOOD!) and began Secret of Mana for, um, maybe the 60th time. I love that game so much.

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Samit: From now on, just assume that I’ve been playing NHL 09 — I’ll save you the mention of it unless I have a major update on my career progress.

NHL 09 update: I scored my 50th career goal this past week!

On Wednesday night, I played Rock Band 2 with Harmonix and MTV people in the city, which was a ton of fun, and a learning experience as well: I now know that if I’m going to play drums for more than a few songs, I should get some gloves or something — I woke up the next day with some minor blisters on my hands.

Otherwise, I spent some more time with the awesome Resistance 2 beta, which has been thankfully extended until Monday, November 3rd, and I also went through the Mirror’s Edge demo. It’s the same Financial District level I played at PAX, but I got a code for the Time Trials, and those present a fun challenge. I don’t see how those top times are possible without bending the laws of nature.

Hamza: I watched my friend play Fallout 3 and it was not what I was expecting AT ALL. Other than that, just slowly making my way through Dead Space.

DMV: What the hell? I enjoyed the Resistance 2 beta? I got placed in a group with non-retarded members, and suddenly, my entire experience was changed! I’m actually looking forward to getting back to that. Also, I’ve been going between Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia on my DS and Doki Doki Majo Shinpan!. The latter is for scientific reasons, I swear.

Grim: It’s been Fallout 3 all day, every day. This game is everything I had hoped it would be and more.

Niero: I’m not playing Dead Space, I can’t see what the hell I’m doing half the time in Mirror’s Edge, so I turned off my brain and enjoyed Stardust and Pixel Junk Monsters this weekend.  Also, Ninjatown is fucking awesome. Turret Defense FTW.

Justin: I had been playing Persona 3 FES, but my save decided to become corrupted 36 hours in.


Topher: ;_;

DMV: *hug*

Justin: That’s the first time I’ve ever had save data become corrupted, too. Of course it would have to happen when I’m playing an RPG.

Topher: That sucks hard dude. I’m currently playing P3 too, and I can’t even imagine. I wish I could send you flowers or something.

Jim: Now I know why P3 is so difficult.

Niero: Funny, that happened to me when I imported my PS2 save from Final Fantasy XII.  I had set up the virtual card, etc and copied it, then the next day it informed me that I got raped …  It was double rape, especially after buying the memory card peripheral

Jonathan: Playing LittleBigPlanet for review. It’s the best looking polygon based videogame I have ever played, and one of the only videogames I would without question give a 10/10…for graphics. Its gameplay is another story; a story of pressing the jump button to see your character just sit there an die, a story of having the game move your character in and out of the foreground for you, usually ending in death, but always ending in annoyance. Jesus guys, what happened?

Also played the Mirror’s Edge demo, which is another mixed bag. While playing it, I just kept thinking about how much more fun it would be to play with the Wii balance board. Anyone who’s played the tightrope game in Wii Fit knows what I’m talking about.

Then there’s the Bioshock demo.  As an un-fan of the FPS genre, I didn’t play this game the first time around, so this taste-test was a real eye opener. Why didn’t anyone tell me how funny this game is? The scene towards that start with the mutant lady and the baby carriage is classic, Troma style comedy. If the rest of the game is this goofy, I’ll buy it.

And finally, Portal:Still Alive, another game I missed the first time around (again, don’t like FPSs too much).

It’s awesome.

James Stephanie Sterling