Games of the week for 10/25/09: Much to-do over tires

The 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is currently happening right now in Japan, at Makuhari Messe, which is the exact same place they hold the Tokyo Game Show. Me? I’m into it to see the cool concept cars and the lovely booth babes. In my search for said babes, I came across the above really strange footage.

Yes, sometimes booth babes are paid to do some really strange things (try the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for the really weird sh*t), but they usually have a point or make some kind of sense. But in the above footage, I have no idea what the hell these pretty girls are doing. Waving wands over tires? Dancing with tire pieces? 

Interestingly enough, this video makes for the longest time I’ve ever spent thinking about tires.

Enough about beautiful Japanese women. What have you been playing this week? Hit the jump to see what we’ve been playing.

Razak: I’ve been playing LostWinds 2 and A Boy and His Blob. I’m pretty much drowning in adorableness and great gameplay. It’s awesome.

Rice: Been getting serious in Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue. Or at least trying to, as I seem to have much difficulty fighting the AI in Street Fighter IV. Oh, and Heavenly Sword. I know, I’m on the cutting edge of the PS3’s lineup!

Sterling: This week I’ve been playing Borderlands, but I’ve only had a short amount of time with it. I think the long wait built it up a bit too much for me. Been having great fun with Half-Minute Hero, which is beyond adorable and very silly fun. Also been playing Dragon Age: Origins for review. I can’t say too much about it, but let’s just say I’m not deviating from the stance I had when I played it a few months ago. In other words, it’s pretty fantastic so far.

Holmes: Forced my friend Andy to play some JU-ON: The Grudge with me. At first he mocked it, but after a few of the scares in level two, he had to admit that the game could do its job. My guess is that most people would have a similar experience with it. We also played Manhunt 2, Obscure 2, and the new WiiWare shooter Shootanto. At first, we mocked them all.

Then we mocked them some more.

Other than that, just looked for some more memories in Domino Rally before finishing up the review. Still haven’t had the time to really jump into A Boy and his Blob, which is a shame. From what I played so far, the game is amazing.

Devore: It’s mostly been Borderlands with Brad (’nuff said) and Half-Minute Hero. Right now I’m just trying to beat the final mode, which is hilariously cruel but I won’t spoil the surprise.

North: It’s me and the PSP and our unnatural (according to Nick Chester, at least) love. Gran Turismo is still my portable game of choice, as it has been for weeks. I’m also playing Japanese title Minna no Sukkiri (Everyone’s Refreshment) which manages to be pointless and fun at the same time. Finally, I’m plugging away at Atlus’ Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble for review this week.

Chester: Things have been crazy, as I’m playing a bunch of games in preparation of my Spike VGA nomations, which are due this Monday. A few of those games I can’t talk about, so I’ll just a list some stuff I’ve played this week for “fun” or work. (Oh, who am I kidding? It’s all basically fun.)

Borderlands long enough to get the “play with someone from Gearbox achievement” (I need to find time to play more… soon); some Dark Void; Family Feud on the Wii (“Name a job where it doesn’t matter if you’re ugly.” — note: “rapist” is not an acceptable answer); sliding around in puddles of blood with my wife in Fairytale Fights; Rock Band 2, as usual; Rock Band on the iPhone; Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time (my review is up, but now it’s time to play my retail version!); Marvel Super Hero Squad on Wii; Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the PSP; Demon Souls; and some other stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting or am not allowed to mention.

So as usual, I’m playing too many things at once. Sigh.

Sarkar: I finally started up Batman: Arkham Asylum again, and it’s still just as awesome as the last time I played it (it’s been a while — end of August!). I love how they mix things up combat-wise — I’m at 35% completion, and it’s still challenging. And that Sonic Decrypter doohickey is awesome.

Otherwise, I played a bunch of Rock Band 2 this week after downloading the Queen 10-pack. The lead guitar riff in “Tie Your Mother Down” was really fun once I learned it, and of course, I got my Freddie Mercury on as well. Singing “Somebody To Love” brings back wonderful memories of my high school choir days! I just wish I had the money to pick up Abbey Road, too.

I’m still not playing Uncharted 2, which makes me really sad.

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