Games of the week for 10/05/08: Braindead is awesome edition

If you have never watched Braindead (Dead/Alive in the US) then I highly suggest that you make it a priority. It was one of Peter Jackson’s earliest films, a slapstick zombie splatter epic that is incredibly violent and extreme, yet lighthearted and very, very funny. It includes self-aware intestines, zombie sex and a kung fu priest who “kicks arse for The Lord.”
The above scene shows Lionel — who has taken it upon himself to look after his zombified mother and her increasing undead victims — bringing a newborn zombie baby to the park. Hilarity ensues.  
Once you’ve ordered your copy, hit the jump for our games of the week.

Conrad: A lot of Scene It!, after picking it up on the cheap. It’s so accessible that all of my friends, even the ones who don’t play videogames at all, had a really good time with it.

I played through the 360 version of Mega Man 9 after I heard spurious rumors that the analog controls were sufficient for playing the game. While it’s true that you can manage with that control method, you are working against yourself in an already challenging game if you choose to go that route.

There’s also been a little bit of Castle Crashers and N+ played in the Zimmerman household this past week. Oh, and Silent Hill: Homecoming, which I’ve just finished, is the scariest game I’ve played in years.

DMV: I beat Silent Hill: Homecoming last night! It’s definitely a second-tier title, up there with the original (Origins and 4 are third tiers). I’d say more, but you can see that in the Destructoid Review. Otherwise? I suck ass at Rhythm Tengoku Gold. No two ways about it.

Colette: Silent Hill: Homecoming and Little Big Planet, both of which have far surpassed my expectations. On the side, still working my way through Time Hollow for the DS and also working in a little bit of Rock Band 2 here and there.

Justin: Not much for me this week, just a little bit of Sigma Star Saga, Spore, and Mega Man Powered Up.

Topher: This week I acquired the last trophy in Mainichi Issho (journalism!), worked through some more Mega Man 9, was disppointed by Wipeout HD, and then went on to my regular diet of Momotaro Dentetsu, Super Puzzle Fighter HD, Ikaruga and Gokujou Parodious. That sounds like a lot of gaming, but somehow it only amounted to about 3 hours out of my whole week. Also, I discovered that the To Love Ru DS game is every bit as ecchi as Doki Doki Majo Shinpan, but not nearly as boring. Take that for what you will. 

Jonathan: Picked up the re-issue of Hotel Dusk, and it’s delightfully boring, just what I need to wind down at the end of the day. For a more satisfying crunch, I’m trying to get through Tornado Man’s level on time attack, but the last bit of windy platforming always does me in. Also trying to beat Cho Aniki on Normal difficulty, and it’s tougher and oiler than the dudes in it’s continue screen.

Chad: After a nice solid week of the awesome Tales of Vesperia I headed to E for All where I actually played something amazing! It’s a point-and-click PC adventure game called Machinarium with one of the most gorgeous art styles I have ever seen. Look for my hands-on early this week.

Also, a little Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Did I mention I BEAT HAMZA AND JONATHAN ROSS AT THE SAME TIME WITH TOON LINK?! Well, I did. Best victory ever. Feel free to remind them about it as much as possible. 🙂

Jim: I’ve been playing a post-patch Warriors Orochi 2 which still has slowdown, but it’s much better. Also been hammering away on Lock’s Quest (BUY THIS) and Dragon Quest IV. Koei sent me a copy of Prey the Stars as well. Bit of a let down, but then I’m not keen on Koei Canada’s output so far. 

Ashley: I’m still working on Kirby Super Star Ultra and loving it, even though the arenas are kicking my ass. And I’m still stumped on some of the Great Cave Offensive treasures. What’s wrong with me? I could get all of these when I was a kid, no problem..  it’s driving me nuts. Is this what happens when you get old? You get worse at finding treasure?

I’ve also been going through the classic Mega Man games before I buy Mega Man 9, and have been hooked on my recently acquired copy of Viva Piñata. I know a game is good when the most seemingly insignificant happenings still make me entirely gleeful (“Oh boy! I attracted a newt! .. did I just say that?”).

Grim: I got to Dr. Wily in Mega Man 9 and I just couldn’t beat him using only my Mega Buster and no E Tanks. It pissed me off so much at the time that I haven’t attempted to beat it again. Also, some of the later jumps are unbelievably hard to pull off with an analog stick.

Nick: I played a bunch of games I can’t talk about until tomorrow or Tuesday. Like? Wii Music, Personal Trainer: Cooking, Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop, and Mirror’s Edge. They are all, as you’d expect,

Dale: Silent Hill: Homecoming. That is all. 

Orcist: I’ve been playing the new Spectrobes for review and, surprisingly, Super Mario World. You’d be surprised how many lives you can rack up in the Forest of Illusion. Other than that, a little Castle Crashers on Insane Mode, and blasting my way through Wily’s fortress in Mega Man 9.

Samit: After finishing up the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 review last week, I immediately hopped into NHL 09. I won’t say much about it because the Destructoid review is coming very soon, but consider this: I downloaded and installed the LittleBigPlanet beta on Friday, and even though I’ve been dying to spend more time with that game since I played it for a bit at PAX, I still haven’t touched it — just because I’ve been playing NHL 09 all the time. Hell, I downloaded demos of BioShock and Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway on Thursday, and I haven’t tried those either. Yeah. Take from that what you will.

NHL 09 may be the greatest sports game ever made.

Aw, crap — now the cat’s out of the bag. Sorry, I just couldn’t restrain myself.

Hamza: I played the hell out of Kirby Super Star Ultra while at the airport waiting for my flight to L.A. to E For All. We’ve decided to just have one post about the entire event once the video has been edited together.

I just can’t believe how much fail this entire event was. There was some small highlights, but otherwise, a waste of time.

James Stephanie Sterling