Games of the week for 08/10/08: Cleaning products edition

This week’s cultural comedy slice comes from double act Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, who gained a fan following for their highly surreal and absurd style of sketch humor. The above clip, from Reeves and Mortimer’s highly underrated Bang Bang series, demonstrates what Vic & Bob are all about — actually going through with something that most writers would deem “too ridiculous” for television. These guys have the brass ones to do whatever the Hell they want, and British comedy is all the richer for having these men in it. 
We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog. Hit the jump for the Destructoid staff’s games of the week.

Grim: It’s been mostly Red Faction: Guerrilla, No More Heroes, Braid, and this flash game called Pandemic 2 that teaches you to loath Madagascar.

Colette: Still working my way through Braid, which I intend to complete this weekend, and having fun blasting bugs with Niero late night in Earth Defense Force. Just got my copy of Shining Tears from Goozex, which I can’t wait to spend some quality time with. On the DS, it’s Final Fantasy VI when I’m in an RPG mood and Rhythm Tengoku Gold for the rest of the time.Last but not least, I just got my review copy of Alone in the Dark, which I obviously won’t be reviewing now, but I may play just to see if its as bad as everyone said it was.

Anthony: How does it feel to play Braid and Earth Defense Force back to back? Is it like washing down a Big Mac with chardonnay?

Jim: I love how, respectively, you just called Braid a Big Mac.

Anthony: Goddammit. Fuck your respectiveness.

Hamza: .. And EDF chardonnay. LOL.


Jim: Go back to your precious Earth Defense Force, Anthony.


Hamza: …. Anyway, I played a bunch of KOEI games that Jim would have jizzed all over if he was in San Francisco, Mushroom Men for the Wii and I had a full day with Dead Space on Wednesday. Preview on that will come when I have some fucking time to breath. I have events everyday next week and I’m on my way to a Halo LAN party right now.

Anthony: Well, I like to play Earth Defense force and also Braid and also Geometry Wars 2 and also Sam and Max in addition to Everyday Shooter as well as Space Giraffe and Super Mario and other things which I can type without italicizing and space out with words like “and” to prevent you highlighting them all at once and just hitting ctrl+I.

Samit: You’re a bad man, Rev.

Anyway, after returning from India on Tuesday afternoon, I downloaded three demos: Madden NFL 09, FaceBreaker, and PixelJunk Eden. I’ve only gotten around to trying the first two games, though. The Madden demo is awesome — I can’t wait to give the full game a go (Destructoid review forthcoming) — but I didn’t really enjoy FaceBreaker very much. I haven’t tried the put-your-face-in-the-game boxer creator, but I hear that it takes too damn long. In any case, the actual fighting itself wasn’t much fun (then again, maybe I should take some time to learn the game’s rock-paper-scissors mechanics).

During my vacation, I’d really been jonesing for some Rock Band, so Dtoider shipero and I got together on the PSN on Thursday night for an hour or so and played through a bunch of songs by The Who. It was awesome. I just can’t wait to get to PAX and try out Rock Band 2! In the meantime, though, I’m going to try and get back into Half-Life 2.

Conrad: Braid, Braid, and more Braid. And a little bit of Geometry Wars 2 multiplayer. Also just joined the Red Faction Guerrilla beta, so I’m hoping to put more time into that. What I’ve played has been impressive, but I haven’t had enough rounds to really form an opinion on it.

Jim: I’m not putting italics in Rev’s bit. He just proves what Luc said about him being unprofessional. 

Anyway, I’ve most been playing Braid, with a little bit of Guitar Hero III and Magical Starsign thrown in. Frankly, I’ve been far too busy to play many videogames. An old school friend I ran into remarked how lucky I was to “play games for money.” I really don’t get to play many at all. It is for this reason that I shall one day murder Hamza and live in his house, wearing his skin.  

Nick: Game I am NOT playing this week: Braid. I’ve played plenty of the game before, but have to purchase the game because I simply don’t have time to dedicate to it.

Why? Because I’ve been playing (for “work,” which is totally serious and stressful): a demo of that Ghostbusters game that may or may not have a publisher; Castle Crashers for a very cool, exclusive video walk-through we’ll be posting this week; Red Faction: Guerilla beta; Order Up! for the Wii; Soul Bubbles for the DS; a demo of an ATV racing game that will get a demo this week on Xbox LIVE and PSN but I can’t talk about yet; Mister Slime for the DS; and Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2, if only because Level Up’s N’Gai Croal keeps trash talking to me about leaderboard scores. 

Orcist: Oh, boo fucking hoo, Hamza. You know what I’m doing? Sitting on my couch, wishing that there was a publisher within 200 miles of my house. Even if it were like, Brash or Crave or something.

Anyway, since my 360 is packed up in a box somewhere, I’m not playing Braid. I am, however, playing through Persona 3 FES, and it’s just as good the second time around.

Dale: Izuna 2 for the DS is fun, but hard. Review is coming up this week. Also, some good times multiplayer Daigasso Band Bros DX this weekend.

DMV: The stuff I reviewed, and drive-a-thon at Otakon. Not a game-friendly weekend.

Chad: Now I want a Big Mac …

Mostly Braid, Final Fantasy IV DS, and Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals.

Jonathan: Just moved to a new place, so I haven’t had cable TV or internet, which has left plenty of room in my day for gaming. The week started off with two games I found for ten bucks at Target, Bubble Bobble Double Shot on the DS, Mega Man X Maverick Hunter on the PSP. I think having just played through the excellent Final Fantasy IV DS and being excited for the more-than-excellent Bionic Commando Rearmed had be feeling more optimistic about the modern gaming remake than I should have been. Both Mega Man X Maverick Hunter and Bubble Bobble Double Shot are thoroughly skipable. Even for ten bucks, they left me feeling hollow inside.

Then I wasted hours on end with Rhythm Tengoku Gold, which while not being as hilariously weird as the original, is still more creative and interesting than 99% of music games out there today. The touch screen controls are some of the best on the console; simple, unique, and couldn’t have been done with just the buttons and control pad. Hopefully the team making Wii Music will play Rhythem Tengoku Gold and steal from it before they release their potentially “game” later this year.

Also still chugging along with Blast Works user created levels. That game never gets old.

Hamzs: I’m not bitching, mind you. I wish you were here Leray, as I could use the backup. I’m looking at around 15 games just on Thursday O_o

[Editors note — move the Hamza-murder-skin-wearing plan forward to Monday]

James Stephanie Sterling