Games of the week for 07/21/08: Nintendo iRavi edition

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Nintendo’s horrific E3 press conference may be all in the past, but its legacy shall live on. Ravi Drums has that somewhat dubious honor of becoming the Internet’s latest fad, and his fate is to inhabit moderately amusing .gifs for many long days to come. Don’t worry though, Mr. Drums, we’ll soon forget all about it and go back to being entertained by pictures of cats with bacon taped to them. 
In other news, games were played. Hit the jump for the evidence.

Jim: Games of the week, or “the cool stuff we got to play at E3” edition.

Topher: I’ve been playing Metal Slug 7 and Mariokart 64. It was so much better than E3.

Savant: This past week, I wasn’t one of the lucky folks to travel to E3, but I was a fairly lucky fellow to find Virtua Fighter 5 (X360) brand-new for $20. Since then, it has done a fairly decent job of consuming my time. Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind!

Oh, and Schizoid is fan-freaking-tastic, just so you all know.

Justin: I didn’t play very much this week thanks to all the E3 stuff; just a chapter in Phoenix Wright: Justice for All and a few tuns in Galactic Civilizations II.

Jim: I played a lot of The Phanton Hourglass. Now, the touch screen stuff is cute and all, but can developers just stop making games based entirely around the gimmick, please? The latest handheld Zelda would have been a lot of fun if they reduced the overtaxed stylus usage by even just a fraction. Having the stylus make Link walk, run, roll, slash, stab, spin, shoot, throw, pick up, talk and open is just a little fucking excessive, thank you very much. Quite simply, it doesn’t work. I’m sick of having Link stop to slash at thin air because the touch screen decided I swiped the stylus, and as for trying to perform rolls, it seems they only happen randomly, and never when I want them to. Awful, awful stuff. A shame really, because the game itself is nice. 

Also, Theme Park. Lots and lots of it.

Colette: It’s a common misconception that people that attend E3 get to actually play games; in reality all we do is run around in a burning know of frenzied stress. Still, on the last day of the event I managed to cram in Infinite Undiscovery, Cooking Mama World Kitchen, Chrono Trigger DS, Time Hollow, Rhythm Heaven and Majesco’s awesome marching band title which I can’t remember the name of right now because I am still hung over.

Topher: Also, I am playing Itadaki Street Special right now, so I suppose I should add that to the list.


Topher: That’s going to suck when it comes back to you.

Anthony: No one can take away my enjoyment of either game so long as I live.

Topher: Operative phrase being “so long as I live.” Karma is after you now. Enjoy your bus accident.

DMV: Sure we can, Rev. It’s called a lobotomy. You can be the Rosemary Kennedy of Destructoid.

Finished God of War (was that this week or last? My memory is so bad), and played more Soul Nomad. Squeezed in a tiny bit of Castlevania, but have mostly been watching stuff and writing. Gaming will come soon enough, though.

Chad: I got to play so much amazing stuff at E3! Mega Man 9, de Blob (best game EVER!), Chrono Trigger DS, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Music, Little Big Planet, LEGO Batman, Rhythm Heaven, Project Origin, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Halo Wars, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, and some other stuff that I don’t think I can think of right now.


Best week EVER! 🙂

Jonathan: This week I played about 30 hours of this awesome game called Final Cut Pro. When you play it well, you get to see yourself die in Mega Man 9 over and over again in slow motion.

Also played as much Mega Man 9 on the E3 showroom floor as I possibly could, which also involved seeing myself die over and over again, just not in slow motion.

Nick: I feel like I didn’t play as much as I’d have liked this week, and I know I missed bunch (and am really kicking myself) but here goes: Killzone 2, Flower, MK vs. DCU, LEGO Batman, Mirror’s Edge, Rock Band 2, Super Stardust Portable, Left 4 Dead, Ratchet and Clank Future Quest for Booty, Dark Void, uh … I really didn’t play any games this week, did I? Fuck. Can I get a do- over?

Dale: Resident Evil 5. That is all.

Dyson: The only games I’ve been playing are the ones at work. I’m legally bound from discussing the one I’m playing, but I can definitely say that it’s Not awesome.

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