Games of the week for 06/15/08: The Consultant’s Flower Garden edition

This week I present to you The Consultant’s Flower Garden, part of the 1984 promotional video Seaside Treats by one of Britain’s most demented bands, Cardiacs. You will not thank me for having shared this with you.
Like when Bill puts his shoes on the stove.
More games were played this week, just like last week. How very predictable. Hit the jump to see what we played.

Colette: Back on Persona 3 with a strategy guide in hand as things are starting to get ridiculously hard, also messed around with some old NES games over the weekend — I never knew Doreamon was made into an RPG. Also played some Rock Band early in the week at a friend’s house … I think it might finally be time to buy a copy (must have Pixies Doolittle!).

Nick: I saw — but did not play — a number of new games this week. Very frustrating. Yesterday, I did get some free time and fired up Don King’s Prizefighter, Rock Band on the Wii, and played some Metal Gear Solid 4 with my wife.

About that last one, I understand the appeal, and the cut-scenes are masterfully directed, acted, and really engaging. But am I to overlook the poor, convoluted controls and the camera that requires constant right-analog babysitting? Cinematically, it’s wonderful; but all of the things that make it a “game” seem to leave a bit to be desired./prepares for the hate. (Note: That’s only based on two hours worth of play.)

Johnathan: After months of having it sit on a shelf, still in it’s original shrink wrap, I finally cracked open Elite Beat Agents. As the game originated from the Japanese import classic Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!, I figured it would be like the American re-make of The Grudge: cute, but notable worsened in the process of being “altered” for the Western market.

Instead I found myself laughing out loud at the game’s multiple storylines, as a well becoming completely obsessed with the song “Jumping Jack Flash”. Thanks to videogames I no longer associate that song with past sex dreams/nightmares of Whoopi Goldberg.

Thank you, videogames!

Also played Metal Gear Solid 4. Like all previous MGS games, I’d rather watch it being played than actually have to play it. Great concept, amazing storyline, terrible gameplay.

Topher: I’ve been playing a lot of Everyday Shooter for some reason. A few hours of Persona 3, a little 13 Sai no Hello Work DS (which has turned out to kind of suck) and that, sadly, was it this week. 🙁

Also, I love you Jonathan Holmes. I don’t say that enough. 

Grim: With the Summer drought starting up, it’s the perfect time for me to beef up my game collection. On SNES it’s been ClayFighter, Cybernator, The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse, and Maximum Carnage. I also got around to replacing my broken Genesis and picked up Aladdin, Castlevania Bloodlines, Mortal Kombat II, Quackshot, Rocket Knight Adventures, and Sonic Spinball. Finally, lots and lots of Cave Story on PSP.

Gameboi: With the release date of MGS4 looming over me this week, I made it a point not to get too involved in anything else that I’d regret putting back on the shelf. Didn’t quite work out for me, as I kind of really enjoyed dipping my toes in the game that is Lost Odyssey.

Hope to get back to it soon. I also did my usual Rock Band/ Guitar Hero III thing, and even broke out my real guitar (real as in it has six strings, that’s about it) for a jam session consisting of the three or four chords that I know at the moment. One day, my sweet… one day.

Jim: A little Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters on the PSP. A little Incredible Hulk on the 360. More importantly though, I finally got a memory card for the PS2 I borrowed and have started on the copy of Persona 3 that Koei sent me. I’m only a short ways in, and I’m so far convinced it’s an anime that I am sometimes allowed to vaguely interact with. It’s very interesting though.  

I also keep nearly buying a PS3 to play Guns of the Patriots. However, I need to wait until I’m done moving country and getting married. My pain is great. 

Justin: Not a whole lot this week, just a little Grand Theft Auto IV and Roogoo (which is actually a pretty fun, albeit easy, puzzle game). I also started on my fourth playthrough of Super Robot Wars W, a game that I should probably take a break from.

Chad: I am going to ignore all the negative comments about Metal Gear Solid 4 that I just read. The gameplay is fantastic. It’s not like the game is trying to be a perfectly controlled platformer or anything. It’s a stealth game with stealth gameplay. What more do you blasphemous people want? <3

Oh, I guess I didn’t ignore them. Dag. 🙂

Obviously I have been playing Metal Gear Solid 4 this week. I am going to save my opinion for the upcoming review, but let’s just say that I like it. A lot.

Samit: I’m a PS3 owner who didn’t pick up MGS 4 this week; I want to play through the first three games before I start on the last one. So I’ve been telling people that I’ll buy Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection — but not until I beat GTA IV and The Orange Box. I’m pretty close to the end of the former game, but I’m only about four hours into Half-Life 2 (and I haven’t touched anything else in the set), so I’ve got a long way to go before I can sink my teeth into the MGS series.

Other than that, I played Rock Band on Thursday night again, but this time it was just me, MaxVest, and shipero. Sadly, my Strat controller’s whammy bar crapped out during the session, and when I tried to replace it online, it claimed I still had an open replacement ticket (which is bullshit, since I replaced my original Strat early this year, in January or February).

So I called them up today, and the lady explained that although they were initially replacing everything just to be “lenient”, they were now enforcing the original in-box 60-day warranty (and I bought my copy of the game in the middle of December). However, she said they’d replace my guitar for free this time, but any future replacements would cost me. It was very nice of her — and I didn’t even have to name-drop! I should be getting my coffin next week.

Hamza: Played some Call of Duty 4 on the PS3 and Halo 3 this week. A bunch of my friends and I are planning for a Halo 1 (yes, the original, you know, the best one) LAN party up in the Sacramento area in the beginning of August.

Chad: I just read my reply back and it made me sound like a jerk. Sorry, everyone. 🙂

I totally respect all your opinions on the Metal Gear series. I am just having such a darn good time playing Guns of the Patriots that I felt the need to defend my precious obsession.

<3s all around! 🙂 🙂

DMV: Samit, that’s probably the best way to play MGS4. Jumping into it cold turkey is a little much. While you can do that, you miss out on so much, and you don’t appreciate everything in the game. So, good man.

Naturally, I’ve been playing MGS4 (as I’m the lead reviewer on it), but when I had to maintain my social relationships and not play MGS4, I was going between Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Dynasty Warriors Gundam. DWG has been extremely fun, and I’m tempted to pick up the next Dynasty Warriors game that comes out. And for the train rides, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin has fallen into my DS.




Orcist: For the most part, I just played Half-Life 2 incessantly all week. I wish I had something witty or insightful to say about it, but somehow saying “Half-Life is really f*cking good” just doesn’t sound original anymore. I’ve also put some time into Ninja Gaiden II — what it does well, it does incredibly well. Where it doesn’t …

Dale: The most recent game I’ve played is the import Sega Saturn version of Magical Drop 3. Mad love to the guys at Mad Gear for the hookup. They’re big supporters and fans of Destructoid and Japanator, so be sure to return the love by buying from their fine store.

I’m also just finishing up Hot Shots Golf 2 for the PSP, for a Destructoid review. Site regulars will already know how I will score this game!

Finally, I’ll admit to giving a huge chunk of my week to Metal Gear Solid 4. I have no fucking idea what Tron Knotts is talking about as far as gameplay goes. If by “terrible” he means “addictive and hard to put down,” then yeah, I’m with him. Sorry to call you out, meng. But I’m as nonconformist, non-mainstream, geek-gaming-only as it gets. But I’m in love with MGS4, and the main draw is its gameplay. Here’s looking forward to the upcoming Destructoid review.

Dyson: Mad Gear, eh Dale? I’m pretty sure those guys owe poor Topher a Wonderswan! Anyway, unlike the eight paragraph story I wrote for this post last week (which you should all go read because it was fucking awesome), I’ll keep it short today.

I do not play MGS games, I will most likely never play them, and the odds of me ever owning a PS3 to even play them on in the next couple of years is very slim. Regardless, I still love Chad Concelmo.

I also played Beyond Oasis for the Genesis. This game is awesome and you should go buy it right now.

James Stephanie Sterling