Games of the week for 06/08/08: Avocado bathroom edition

Mitchell & Webb are probably the last stand of great British comedy. It’s endless seasons of Two Pints of Lager & A Packet of Crisps from here on out, kids. That reminds me, the latest episode of Peep Show will probably be on Youtube by now. Sublime.
Another week, more games. Hit the jump for the usual assortment of chicanery from the Destructoid staff, and don’t forget to drop us a line to let the world know what games you’ve been playing, even though we probably don’t care.

Topher: 8 days without internets left me with plenty of time for games. Games like 13 Sai no Hello Work Ds, Rez HD, Lost Odyssey, Mischief Makers, Radirgy, Metal Slug 2, Mushihime Sama, and Gojukou Parodius. Take that, responsibility!

DMV: Thrasher: Skate and Destroy, my friend’s copy of Brawl, and Stratego. Just try and defeat me in Civil War Stratego, and I will crush you. That’s why it’s not listed on Friday Night Fights.

Chad: My summer of retro continues! This week: Police Quest 1, Police Quest 2, Police Quest 3, and Police Quest 4. I love me some old school Sierra adventure games, but damn if Police Quest 4 isn’t horribly racist. Wow.

Also, best game EVER Boom Blox, Mario Kart Wii, and Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword.

Samit: In GTA IV, I got past that first Gerry McReary mission in Alderney…but I failed the next one for a completely arbitrary reason (my car happened to get stuck in a damn ditch, and the guy I was chasing got away because I couldn’t get out). Grr.

Otherwise, since FNF has become cluttered with other games, shipero and MaxVest decided to try Thursday nights for our Rock Band-ing (now that LOST is over). So we had MaxVest on drums and jpitner on vocals, and shipero and I traded off on guitar/bass. It was awesome. As for other games, I hope to squeeze in some Call of Duty 4 on Sunday to get some of that double XP.

Dyson (who apparently is a novelist, judging from this): I’m not going to tell you the games I played this week except for one, and I just now finished playing it. It was the original arcade unit of Frogger. Yes, Frogger. That doesn’t sound exciting to you? Let me change your mind with a story.

So, after hanging out with one of my new favorite RFGO! listeners, my friend called me and invited me to the Super 7 toy store anniversary party. I know nothing, absolutely nothing about collectible toys, but I’m pretty sure that any member of Tomopop would’ve killed to be there (and now hates me for getting to go!).

Accompanying me to this vinyl doll shindig, was my close and personal friend: Seth “S-Kill” Killian. A man who can not only beat you at Street Fighter IV, he can do it while using only one hand. When we arrived on the scene, we met up with our friend Bryan, and proceeded to alleviate the party of all their complimentary diet sodas.

Lining the right wall of the store, and in some tribute to Tron and Flynn’s Arcade that we didn’t understand, there was a row of actual arcade units from back in the day — you know, Dyson’s day.

Short story long, as we were playing we were told that there would be a contest later open to everyone who got the highest score on each machine. Lickity-split, Seth hopped onto Ms. Pac-man and, I must say, obliterated it. I, not wanting to be left out of easy pickings, jumped on the game I knew the best: Frogger. The high score on Frogger was a measly 12,020, so I knew I had it in the bag.

So after a few rounds to warm up (I haven’t touched the game in about 20 years — true), and ignoring some serious “coaching” from two drunk chicks that must have assumed that they were funny, I trounced the high score to come in first before the entire contest ended. (We do do this for a living, remember?)

What did we win? S-Kill took home a collection of fine t-shirts and art books, and Dyson grabbed himself another Wii. I know the Tomopop kids are probably pulling their hair out wondering why I didn’t grab one of the limited edition, one of kind, vinyl toys that were there for the taking, but like I said.

I don’t know shit about toys. 

Colette: Indiana Jones Lego DS and a little Persona 3.

It’s been a busy week.

Jim: I second Col on the busy week front. I’ve re-entered the freelance game and spent this weekend busting arse on a new commission which I shall tell you about if and when it gets published. I also had a press trip to the Midlands to visit Rare Studios. You’ll hear all about that later this week, too. As far as actual games go, just the usual PSP suspects, especially Astonishia Story, which I still love in spite of its crappy reviews.

I’ll be in the market for a new DS soon. It’s been too long since I had one, and will of course be after game recommendations soon (not that I don’t know the huge slew of obvious ones). 

Niero: I’ve had a heavy PS3 week: I yelled at Qore for serving unskippable advertisements in my DLC, Novastrike, Haze, and am getting my feet wet in Civilization: Revolutions and cannot find a Wii Fit board anywhere in town.  I am dying to subject the parental units into this thing and shed some late evenings of Taco Bell of my own waist.  Has anyone seen their healthy lifestyle poster, btw?  It says “desserts” spells STRESSED backwards and when you think about overeating you should close your eyes and think of a beautiful sunset.  I couldn’t make this stuff up.  Chalupa kisses! 

Hamza: I played Halo 3 for FNF and that’s it. I talk more about games now then I do play them.

Nick: I tried to pick up and play Dementium: The Ward again, and I’ve had it with that crap. That game is way too dark for its own good, and gives me cramps. I won’t even mention the repetitive level design; I don’t even know if I’m coming or going half the time.

I also played about 15 minutes of the Bourne Conspiracy; laughed at Quake Wars on the 360; enjoyed a bit of LostWinds; and still, Rock Band.

Gameboi: This week was spent jumping back and forth between Rock Band and Guitar Hero III, stopping only to play some online CoD4 with the PS3 crew. In other words… “Back in the Saddle Again.”

Orcist: Since I’m out of school, I’ve been trying to finish up some games on my to-do list — God of War II (don’t even get me stahhhted) and BioShock to be specific. Unfortunately, RPGs on your to-do list take a bit longer. I’m still working through Persona 3, Lost Odyssey, and Final Fantasy III DS. I’m also working on Ninja Gaiden II (seriously, don’t get me started), and I beat Portal. Those last two advanced maps are damned hard.

James Stephanie Sterling