Games of the week for 05/27/10: Spengbab edition

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Yep, because that’s a thing.

In other news, we played videogames this week, as per usual. If you want to find out which ones, all you have to do is hit the jump. Easy, right!?

Holmes: Got Art Style: Rotozoa earlier in the week. It’s fun, but nothing mind-blowing, and certainly far from the best of the Art Style series. As for older games, had a non-gaming friend over, and after watching Ponyo, we played Noby Noby Boy and the Bit.Trip series. Then we proceeded to have a two hour discussion about how deep all that shit is.

Shit is DEEP.

Also picked up Sin and Punishment 2 about an hour ago. Just got to the turtle boss, and the game went from “good” to “amazing” in just a few seconds.

Sterling: Hmm, I am going to go to GameStop in a minute to return Silent Hill: Shattered Memories as I hated it, but it sounds like I’m going to be walking out the door with Sin & Punishment 2. Good deal I am guessing!

Also played War for Cybertron. Obscene amounts of it. People have been amazed by my ability to survive entire Escalation waves after the rest of the team has died and pull us through to another round. Nobody fucks with my Jazz, son! For review, I have been playing Naughty Bear and APB. I can’t say much about either, but let’s just say I would think long and hard before putting any preorders in.

Tolentino: I’m going abroad for the next few weeks and I’m trying to decide which console to bring with me. Wii or PS3? I need help, guys!

On the PC side, I finished Mass Effect 2 for the first time this week. The main plot’s got issues, but you won’t find better characters elsewhere.

After that, went further into Alpha Protocol. Whatever else faults that game might have, VERY few others have been able to implement meaningful choice to the same depth and scale. That makes me a very
forgiving person.

Razak: Just finished Joe Danger. It’s pretty much nothing but fun. Full review soon. Also working my way through Bowser’s Inside Story.

Concelmo: After finishing Toy Story 3 for review (coming soon!), I picked up Trauma Team for the Wii. I really love the game, but, well, Atlus could make a paint drying simulator and I would probably adore it.

Leray: A lot, a lot, a lot of Dragon Age: Origins.

I mean, like, a lot.

Chester: Puzzle Quest 2 like it’s my job. Well, it kind of is — I’m reviewing it. Many orcs and rats have been killed as a result of my matched gems.

Sarkar: Lots of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 on the PS3 (for review), and some Red Dead Redemption on the 360 sprinkled in between those rounds of golf. I played through the free “Outlaws to the End” co-op DLC with some buddies, and while the six missions are a lot of fun — especially because you’re doing things in different ways/settings — the overall package is even more buggy than the rest of the game. And I’m not talking ha-ha glitches — I’m talking glitches that prevent you from completing missions (and getting Achievements).

Let’s just say that I would’ve been a bit annoyed if I had had to pay for the DLC.

Sterling: So, just gave Sin & Punishment 2 a quick go. Was kicking ass until that last boss on the second level, who just fucked me in the ass. This game is pretty damn cool!

Holmes: Glad to hear that you like it too, Jim. I was worried that the dodge move would be too easy to spam, but thus far, I’ve found that it’s just as easy to die from dodging right into some bullets as it is to get shot the regular way.

Also, I love how the game feels like a weird, 90’s anime. I keep expecting someone to say “Kanedaaaaaa!” or “Devilmaaaaan!”

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