Games of the week for 05/18/08: Jesus He Knows Me edition

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Oh Phil Collins, how I love you. You and your sentimental Popeye face.  
I have nothing else to say this week, but I need at least a paragraph, even though only 10% of the readers actually pay attention to this part. I can’t just reference Phil Collins’ cheeky uncle visage and expect that to be enough. I wish Nex was still around, just to do this. I might pay Wired some pounds to have Nex write this bit for me. That would make my life so much easier. 
Right, that’s my minimum quota fulfilled. Hit the jump for games of the week.

Jim: Otherwise known as the “Article of GTA IV.”

Dale: First! Oh shit… can we do that as editors? Anyway, in before GTAIV! I’ve been playing SNK’s Arcade Classics Vol. 1 for a review, but I’m still enjoying it even past that. I still play Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds online, nearly nightly. And I’m still in love with my Sega Saturn, this week trying to replay Guardian Heroes (import ver.) to get to a point where I’m not hitting continue every 5 minutes. 

Savant: Guess what? I’m not playing GTA IV either!

As of late, I’ve been going through a transition phase, of sorts. I reopened my World of Warcraft account for all of two weeks, and promptly canceled it to upgrade my GameFly plan to two games, instead of just getting one. I also recently purcahsed a TurboGrafx-16 and have been playing Keith Courage and Final Lap Twin fairly heavily.

What else? Uh, l’see… I’m nearing the end of Condemned 2: Bloodshot, so that’s a plus, I guess. I also have been playing a great deal of Mario Kart Wii — though, my wireless router just gave up the ghost the other day, so that puts my online racing on hold for a little while. (!@#$)

I’ve also been crawling around eBay looking for a decently-priced copy of Revelations: Persona for the PSX (Is this game really worth $80 these days?!) But to no avail.

So, yeah, that pretty much sums it up at this point. Oh, and if you didn’t believe me, I’m still not playing GTA IV.

Jim: You guys need to play GTA IV, otherwise what I said isn’t going to work.


Savant: Addendum per Jim Sterling: I apparently need to meet his ass halfway and state “Yes, I am playing GTA IV.” Though he has offered various sexual favors, I will not say that I am playing GTA IV… Oh wait.

Colette: Hitting level 70 in Persona 3′s Tartarus, and as much as I love the game I feel like it is never going to end. Also, I went on Wikipedia looking for the game’s length and accidentally read the entire ending. Do not go to Wikipedia when you are playing an RPG.

Also playing a bit of Lost Winds when I want something more chill, checking out Perfect Cherry Blossom for the first time, and not-downloading a fat pack of Mugen characters.

Nick: Not a huge week playing games here. My son used my Wii Points to buy Defend Your Castle while I was asleep, so I played tha for a bit. Nothing happens the first fifteen stages, and I nearly stopped playing, but it eventually picked up. Still, it’s a five dollar Flash game with what appears to be very little depth.

Of course, also played GTA IV for a bit; Rock Band, of course; and I just started Secret Agent Clank for review. Clank wears a bow tie and it’s adorable, but I can’t say much else.

Samit: This was finals week for me, so I did very little gaming. In other words, I squeezed in as much GTA IV as I could without actively trying to fail my exams. And last night, I got to Stockholm in my Rock Band drums career on Hard, and now I can feel blisters forming on my fingers and palms. Oh well…at least I’m home for the summer!

Also, I finally got my hands on a copy of The Orange Box for PS3 (praise be to Goozex), so I should soon understand why Anthony fawns over the Half-Life games with every chance he gets. *goes to Wikipedia page for Half-Life to read plot summary*

Dyson: Sorry Jim, but I don’t play GTA IV either. I know that every other publication on the planet is still busting a nut over it, but most of the time I just stick with other genres. I’ve been playing the original Parasite Eve, and the new DS game from Square, World Ends With You. Both of these games are pretty badass, but I’m barely past the beginning of both, so I can’t really give a firm yay or nay on them yet.

DMV: Writing papers, and mostly spending my time buying games. When I’m not doing that, I was banging my head against the wall with Final Fantasy Tactics. Sometimes, I hate the A.I. — namely, when a character I need to protect goes and gets herself killed BEFORE I GET A TURN. Thanks for giving me a game over for starting the battle, you dumb whore.

As soon as I finish my paper, though, I’m going to start rubbing myself with my new copy of Chrono Trigger, bought for $3, and playing “Yuusha no kuse ni namaikita.” As far as I can understand the title, it means “Because of that brave man (this is meant accusingly) I became saucy.” It’s a really rough translation, and it’d help if I took the wrapping off the game and actually read the manual.

Also, taking a dump on Necros’ copy of Daigasso Band Brothers.

P.S. What’s a GTA IV?

Jonathan: One game I’m really not playing at all is GTA IV. I did watch other people play it for a little while, and I found that to actually be more entertaining than playing it myself. I was the same way with the Metal Gear Solid games and Shenmue. They all just feel like work after awhile, though all have interesting enough storylines that watching them is still rewarding.

One game I did play for real this week was Lost Winds. That is a one heck of a great game. Also caught up on some Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Apollo Justice

Chad: Um. Grand Theft Auto IV and LostWinds. I know, not very original or exciting. But I love them both!

Oh, and I have to add: my new favorite videogame character is GTA IV‘s Brucie. He is seriously amazing.

Hamza: I layed GTA IV, Contra 4 ad picked up Metal Slug advanced. Cnra is
fuckig hrd, holy shit!

Aso played Bajo Kazooe: Nutsd and Bolts, Ninja Gaiden II, Penny arcade
for XBLA, viva pnata 2, Too Human and whtever the hell else I wrote
aout this week.

played ab uncj of ubisoft games rthast i acnt talk about. and ddr at
konami by accidnet.

i playred go karts today and shit yoi not that mario kart theeme ws
ibn my head the whol time. super nintendo. 

Samit: I’m going to give Hamza the benefit of the doubt and assume he was inebriated when he wrote that.

Dyson: I’m thinking the same thing myself. He must be having a great time. 

DMV: You should still post it like that, anyways.

Jim: I am not editing that in the slightest. 

Gameboi: It has been another one of those busy weeks, but I did play GTA IV briefly. If all goes well, I’ll be hopping back on the Wednesday and Friday Night Fight train with the PS3 crew this week. 

Topher: Am I too late for this? I’m too late, aren’t I? Dammit. I have been playing Lost Odyssey. Also, there was a NARP here this weekend at Hitogoroshi’s place, and I played some Rock Band, Radiant Silvergun, DonPachi (on its own cabinet!) and Ikaruga on an absurdly large television. Then came home for more Lost Odyssey.

What have you guys been playing?

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