Games of the week for 04/11/10: More Ray Peacock edition

Comedian, handsome boy and friend of Destructoid Ray Peacock recently did a lovely bit of comedy for Russel Howard’s Good News, which is a telly show on the telly. He was very funny and made me do laughing out of the toothed arse on my face, so I am posting it here for you to watch at and enjoy. It will be good for you to do it, so F*CKING do it!

Also, videogames were played. Hit the jump to find out what ones we played for God’s sake!

Zimmerman: I played some games. More Final Fight: Double Impact and the first episode of the new Sam & Max season for review. Tried to play God of War III again, but failed to make it as far as Poseidon because my heart wasn’t really in it. And I logged a little more time into Deadly Premonition which, predictably, I love but I can’t seem to play more than about an hour or so without falling asleep. No fault of the game, though. As a result of unfortunate genetics, it’s just damn hard for me to sit on a couch and not doze off.

Holmes: I also played more Deadly Premonition. Like Fragile Dreams, I think it’s best played for an hour every couple of days. That ways, the flaws don’t really bug you, and the game keeps feeling fresh and weird.

Also soft modded a Wii for my dear friend Colette Bennett, which involved testing out the Wii’s GBA emulator. That necessitated replaying Rhythm Tengoku and Mother 3 on the big screen (and yes pirate haters, I own carts of both games, so lay off). It’s hard to play either of those games for just a few minutes.I ended up getting sucked into both.

Finally, played more Wario Ware DIY and the new Mega Man 10 DLC for review. Bass has gone 8bit and I created a game using Nintendo software called F*ck Face. These are strange times indeed.

Sterling: Glad to see DP get the love!

I have been playing a LOT of stuff this week, nearly all for recreation as well, which is a lovely change. On the Wii I have been playing House of the Dead: Overkill which is absolutely hilarious. I think I need to get one of those Zappers though, as the remote somehow manages to cramp my hand if I hold it in a gun firing position for too long. Not very comfortable to play, so I’ve only managed the odd chapter here and there. Also started playing Wario Land Shake It because I had a sudden urge to play something Wario-related this week. Kind of disappointed with it so far, but I didn’t get very far at all so hopefully it picks up.

On the PC, it’s been all about DOOM II for some reason. Also started playing DOOM 3 and Psychonauts. I gave Dreamfall: The Longest Journey a go but I don’t think I’ll be picking it up again due to horrendous voice acting and the dullest story in the land. Plus I think it might be for girls. All this was interspersed with attempts to play the original Star Wars: Dark Forces, but the level design was so bad in that game I gave up.

My big thing this week was finally picking up an iPod Touch, so I have been playing some cool Apps. Got the amusing Angry Birds as per my friend’s demanding recommendation, along with Zenonia, the controls of which I am slowly getting used to. Been playing Simpson’s Arcade because it was cheap, Monkey because it was free, and Pocket God because I heard nothing but good things. The latter wore on my patience after too many failed attempts to get the touch-screen controls to actually work. I also played two demos, Rock Band and NOVA. The former, I am not too sure on. I love Unplugged on the PSP, but my fat pig’s thumbs might be too big for the touch screen. NOVA is surprisingly great though, and I will be getting the full version of that nonsense. Also downloaded Var, but I have not played it yet.

That’s about the size of it in a nutshell.

Zimmerman: If I could make a recommendation, Jim, I’d get the Crossfire Remote Pistol from Penguin United instead of a plastic shell solution. A bit pricey (Amazon has it new for $45.99, but resellers there have it much, much less) and you need to have a good bit of distance from your TV to ensure the best level of accuracy, but it’s by far the best pistol I’ve used on Wii in terms of material quality and controller layout. And it doubles as an almost perfectly functional Wii remote in a pinch.

Bennett: Dead or Alive: Paradise. DEAD OR ALIVE: PARADISE!

Sterling: Someone from Koei called me a “wanker” for disliking DOA Paradise. I had to point out the irony.

Bennett: The fact I own Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 and the Kasumi DoAX2 figure is why my Dad asked me if I was gay.

Chester: Picked up a copy of Red Dead Revolver for the Xbox in order to prepare for the forthcoming Red Dead Redemption. I realize the two games probably couldn’t be more different, but I wanted a frame of reference, since I had never really played the original. Outside of the fact that I just killed some midget clowns, I think I made a mistake — Revolver isn’t particularly good, and I’m finding that I’m just going through the motions rather than actually enjoying the game. Also, playing the game on an Xbox 360, you get some really horrible graphical issues — textures dropping out, entire body parts disappearing. Very distracting.

Otherwise, slowly making my way through Red Steel 2, played a bit of Lost Planet 2 preview code, and Super Street Fighter IV so I’m primed to kick Nicholson’s ass when it releases.

Concelmo: After almost 60 hours (!) I finally finished Final Fantasy XIII. Lord have mercy what an epic game. And Lord have mercy what a great game. The more I played it the more I truly felt it was a surprisingly classic entry in the series. Even the way the characters jumped around everywhere reminded me of the character movement in the old Final Fantasy games on the Super Nintendo.

More on my thoughts in an upcoming feature I may or may not be writing.

Gutierrez: Really enjoying Darksiders, I invested a couple of hours into the game last night before I read your review Jim, and I’m really excited for the Darksiders experience. Kinda makes me wanna go back and play Devil May Cry — I wonder why? Cough.

Ross: Been working on SoulSilver some more, also started Strange Journey, which I’m really digging. Not much else other than that — this week hasn’t been a big gaming week for me.

Sarkar: I didn’t get much gaming in this week, since I was really busy with writing stuff for school (papers!) and Destructoid (Crysis 2!). But I did manage to get my playtime in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (multiplayer) up over 38 hours. I really think that in Rush, if DICE is going to allow attackers to blow up M-COMs with C4 (which is totally doable at this point — and by the way, I love doing it), defenders should be able to repair the stations. You know what else needs to be patched out? Putting C4 on a UAV and flying it to an M-COM. Man, that’s infuriating.

I also played some more MLB 2K10 because the bossman is cracking the whip on the review. It’s coming! There’s a lot of good stuff in there, but it’s held back by some head-scratching issues

PerLee: So this wasn’t such a great week for me and videogames, but I was able to check some cool new previews. However, I’m currently watching Dyson play God of War III, and the jumping is super awesome. So much fun. I’ve never seen a game that does jumping puzzles so well. I love a game that makes you jump over and over in puzzles that should not be killing you. Totally makes me want to play the other two games and jump to my death over and over then too. Oh, and the general guidance for where to go is so amazing. This is probably one the best games in the history of the universe.

At least this game looks nice. Such insane violence.

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