Games of the week for 03/30/08: Electric warrior edition

Huge thanks to Samit Sarkar for filling in for me last week while I was busy being afflicted by some mystery virus that still plagues me. I’m getting better though, just in case one of my five self-styled rivals and/or enemies were preparing a great feast in celebration of my demise. It’ll take more than the frail mortality of mankind to finish me off, mark my words.

Next week we won’t be having this feature because most of the staff, myself included, will be too busy financially crippling an all-inclusive bar in Cancun. In the meantime, however, indulge in the rock stylings of Nicki Rose as he informs us of his electric warmongering. Also, feel free to hit the jump to find out what was played this week.

Dale: I’m mostly stuck in the bunkers, trying to finish Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds for the PS3 for a Destructoid Review. I just wrapped up Wild Arms XF, and am just now getting into the vintage fighting action of SNK’s World Heroes Anthology. Rasputin is da shit, son!

Nick: Earlier in the week I plowed through Dark Sector for review, which was a good time. I’m working through Ninja Gaiden Dragon Swords on the DS, and I think I’m close to completing it (review soon). After a year break, the wife and I have picked up and continued our game of Untold Legends on the PS3. Fun tip: If your SIXAXIS is dead but you still want to play without being tethered to your PS3, charge it from your laptop! I think I also got one star in Super Mario Galaxy this week, too.

Here’s what I won’t be playing this week: Any Xbox 360 games because my retail system is dead, son. I’ll continue to spend time with my preview build of NBA Ballers: Chosen One, though, so look out for an article on that soon. Someone send me a new 360. Thanks!

Also, later this week I’ll play not one but TWO games where you steal cars and shoot things. Bang bang vroom.

Orcist: As usual, my barrage of school work has kept me from gaming as much as I’d like, but I’m still going through Persona 3 (70 hours and counting, with 4 months left to go) and I picked up BioShock (finally). I also managed to sink some time into Lost Odyssey. Other than that, I recently went to the beach with some friends, but the weather was bad — ergo, multiplayer: Mario Kart: Double Dash, Brawl, FIFA 07, Guitar Hero 3.

Colette: Crisis Core has been a delight to play, but since I had to rush through the first playthrough to complete my review I decided to go for a second. Also picking Persona 3 back up and determined to spend some quality time with Fatal Frame 3 this weekend.

Jim: Aside from spending most of the week wearing my coat indoors, coughing and trying to breathe, I squeezed in a few Call of Duty 4 rounds, and found time to play Disgaea on the PSP casually. Yes, I said I play it casually, spinning the whole casual/hardcore stupid divide on its head and thus restructuring the belief system of an entire industry. Go fuck yourselves. 

I also tried to play Gears of War after months away from it and failed hard. I got mad and closed the Gears case … kind of violently. I need a new case for my Gears.  

Gameboi: This has been yet another week of Warhawk and CoD4 multiplayer mayhem. Other than that, I’ve been testing the waters with Dark Sector (which I’m enjoying), and doing the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 thing on the singleplayer mode. I also downloaded Mortal Kombat II on PSN and fooled around with it briefly. Nice trip down memory lane for me, and I fell in love with Sub-Zero all over again. I hope to set aside some time soon, in order to really did into those new maps for Unreal III that Epic tossed our way.

Topher: Lots of Metal Slug for some reason. I also caught the way-late bus to Half Life town. 

Chad: OMG, Topher, that is the best bus EVER! Can you pick me up? I miss Alyx.

I got back into Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and played through the entire campaign again this week. I love that game so much. Also, a little Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest and Trauma Center: New Blood. Good times.

Topher: Can’t talk, playing HL2

Husky: This week has been thrown away to the Devil’s game, or as you people like to call it, World of Warcraft. I had to leave my consoles behind as I made my way home for spring break, and as a result I’m left with just a mac. Although I’m sure nobody cares what I’ve been up to within the game, I got attuned for every heroic dungeon, and geared up for Kara… man… I need to stop playing this game… In the few opportunities I had to play the consoles of other people, I played Rock Band, Burnout Paradise, and Super Smash Brothers (Oh yeah… N64 version baby). 

Dyson: Reverend Anthony just gave me The Orange Box, in the vain hope that I’ll finally play Half-Life 2 (I will, I swear). Also, community member Cho sent me a connector to connect my SNES controller to my laptop. Because of this, I will finally get to play/finish Earthbound  on my NOT emulator. 

Johnathan: Still trying to beat the last boss of Patapon. I’ve probably been killed by the thing at least 100 times, yet it’s still fun to play (and lose). Also playing Smash Bros. Brawl, trying to collect all the CDs and trohpies.

Finally, I went ahead and bought Drill Dozer. It’s way better than I thought it would be, especially in terms of the music. 

Samit: I had too much schoolwork this week to be able to do WNW, but playing Rock Band, CoD 4, and Warhawk on FNF last night was a ton of fun, especially since I’d been away from it for a while. I was afraid I’d suck again in CoD 4, since I hadn’t played that game in nearly a month, but those fears went out the window in the first game. ‘Twas awesome.

Unfortunately, I think I may have to send my replacement Rock Band guitar back to EA (grr). The buttons and strum bar work, but the Overdrive detector doesn’t do its job — I have to hold the damn thing fully vertical for a good second or two sometimes to engage Overdrive. Goddammit, why the hell can’t I just use my Guitar Hero III controller?!?! DIAF, Activision.

Hamza: Raping FNF people in Halo 3, waiting and wondering why Chad wouldn’t join me in Burnout Paradise and just played through Half-Life 2: Episode 1 while at work just cause. I also finally played Perfect Dark: Zero and wanting to slap myself with the metallic collectors edition case for how horrible the game was. I can’t believe the series got so bastardized with the Xbox jump. Glad I didn’t actually buy it.

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