Games of the week for 03/28/10: Sega Addicts edition

Time for some shameless self promotion! In case you haven’t heard, I’m a regular on a new podcast that discusses all things Sega. It’s called Sega Addicts. That’s a nice name. It also features Topher Cantler who you might remember from some cartoons that you watched on the Internet. Chad Concelmo is going to do occassional appearances too, allegedly. I hope so. He makes me hard.

In other news, we played videogames. Were any of them Sega related? Probably not. Hit the jump to read about them anyway.

Razak: It was all Wii for me this week. I finally opened Dead Space Extraction for more than five minutes, and after a slow start I am really enjoying it. They did some very cool stuff with it. It’s not a great game by any means, but since it’s not too expensive anymore I recommend it to any Dead Space fans.

Also been playing Max and the Magic Marker, which I’ll have a review for soon.  My DS has laid dormant since I beat Spirit Tracks so I have to change that. Not sure with what yet.

Bennett: Well after 25 hours and despite being a ‘hard-core fan’ I have finally put FFXIII to one side and in its place is Dragon Age. Really enjoying Dragon Age so far, the spell casting is a little difficult to understand and the battles can be a bit ‘cluster-fucky’ for my liking but flirting with fictional characters helps fill that dark hole in my social life right now.

Zimmerman: Cave Story on WiiWare, which is so incredibly good it defies further description. I’ve also played a bunch of Wii games, including Dragon Quest Swords, The Munchables and Cursed Mountain

This week, I’m going to try and get into the online play in White Knight Chronicles.

Ross: Still working through Final Fantasy XIII, although that’s been pushed to the side a little bit. Tried out some Just Cause 2, which has been fun but slightly frustrating, played some more Starcraft II, and checked out this neat little game on Steam called Coniclysm. On the handheld front, I finally finished Miles Edgeworth, and have been devoting my full attention now to Soul Silver

PerLee: So I’ve been trying to play my DSi more, and I’m working through a copy of Pokemon: Diamond. It’s slow and boring, and I wish I had an emulation of it so I can crank the speed up and edit the shit out of it. I know the games are for kids, but fuck, there is so much damn menu hopping to get the most basic shit done. I can’t believe I used to tolerate this stuff for so much.

Other than that, FFXIII is still rocking my world. I don’t know if it is because I never properly beat the FF games I played in the past (last bosses in IV, VII, and X), but I find this game really refreshing and fun. I even love the battle system and am finding the characters to become interesting, especially Fang.

Oddly, now that I’m in chapter 11, I hate how the game opens up and you have to grind. Go figure, I’m the living inversion of all other FF fans.

Oh, and I bought Gears of War. If I get Halo and play them both, will I be a proper Xbox fanboy?

Sterling: Finished Red Steel 2 today, and it was surprisingly awesome. I was hoping it would be good, but any cynical doubts I had have been blown away. If you have a Wii, you really should check it out. Still trudging through 3D Dot Game Heroes, which is still good fun, but I’m getting sick of wondering where to go in between dungeons. It’s really dragging the game down. Also been playing AGAIN for DS. It’s made by the Hotel Dusk guys, but it sure as shit ain’t Hotel Dusk. I’ll leave it at that. All this is in between an Ocarina of Time replay and God of War III, which I am trying to play for fun but simply haven’t found the time to get too far in. 

Also, Torchlight. Trying to grab as many minutes in that as my spare time allows. So, not many!Holmes: I don’t know what the hell you are talking about, Ben. Pokemon boring? For kids?

Holmes: I don’t know what the hell you are talking about, Ben. Pokemon boring? For kids? Next you’ll say something really crazy like “Super Metroid isn’t that good”.

As for my games this week, played Crazy Otto (the game that would go on to become Ms Pac-Man), Jr. Pac-Man (the game that would go on to drive me insane), and Dragon’s Lair (the game that’s like Heavy Rain, except fun) all at the PAX East Free Play Arcade. It was an amazing time. I really wish arcades weren’t dead, or that PAX happened every weekend.

Also at PAX, I played Crackdown 2 multi-player, Bit.Trip RUNNER, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, and Limbo. I liked them all, but not equally. The controls for Crackdown 2 were a bit crap.

Grim: Bunch of Patchwork Heroes on PSP, which is super rad. I’m also slowly getting back into Deadly Premonition now that I have a tiny bit more free time to work with. This game makes me wish I liked coffee.

Concelmo: Finished God of War III, which I, of course, loved. Now back into Final Fantasy XIII, which I am really enjoying.

Tolentino: Playing Resonance of Fate like a bullet through butter. Or trying to, at least. The game is dense as kevlar, and I’m going to have to step up if I intend to get the review in on good time.

Chester: Surprisingly little, considering I was at PAX East. Checked out Ska Studio’s beat ’em up Charlie Murder and its Dishwasher sequel, Vampire Smile. I also ended up playing Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands on a huge screen in public on the show floor. New found respect for the people who have to do that all day long; I had never played before, but even if I had, the pressure of screwing up would still be incredible.

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