Games of the week for 03/08/09: Bo-Starr edition

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Atheistium made me aware of this rather excellent little test cartoon and I found it worthy enough to post on our highly prestigious Games of the Week column, the weekly post that literally everyone is clamoring to be featured on. By that of course I mean nobody is clamoring to even so much as read it, let alone be on it.

If the video looks weird, bear with us. We’re tinkering around with dynamically altering video sizes to coincide with our different page layouts, and until Niero actually sees this post, the video will probably look small when you nagivate off the front page itself. Who cares though? It’s Sunday, so Margaret Thatcher isn’t reading.

Also games. Hit the jump to read about those.

Hamza: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, even though it keeps crashing on me.

Dale: I’ve been hammerin’ through Hammerin’ Hero, am close to beating Tokyo Beat Down, and have screamed out some mean-spirited comments at the creators of Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. Also, boobs in Super Robot Taisen OG something-or-other.

Chad: This may have been the greatest week of gaming in my life. *takes a deep breath* Street Fighter IV, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, Left 4 Dead, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, Mother 3, and Resident Evil 5. That’s right: through some, er, interesting circumstances (read: not involving a shotgun and a ski mask) I am currently playing Resident Evil 5. It was the most unexpected surprise of the year! I am not that far into the story yet, but, so far, I am loving it. It’s like a shiny Resident Evil 4, which is definitely a good thing.

Nick: Been making my way through Killzone 2, and loving it even though it makes me feel like kind of like Shakira with a machine gun. Just about to finish off Resident Evil 5 for next week’s review, as well as Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure which is not, as Henry would say, “poppycock.” Other than that, nothing else I can talk about. I’m so secretive.

DMV: Only got to play through a tad of Street Fighter IV, but I realize just how annoying fighting Seth is. Apart from that, though, I’m having tons of fun with the game, and will likely pick it up for myself soon. I’ve been playing Shadow of the Colossus as well, so that I can finally have it under my belt.

Topher: Participated in some truly epic bouts of Street Fighter IV with the Dtoid New York crew last weekend, and Dtoid user Calpis has jumped onto the ranked Super Puzzle Fighter scene to bring me some excellent challenge and intense matches. Good week for teh fightans and competizzione.

Then last night in a random game of Noby Noby Boy, I came upon a map with two fully-functioning tornadoes on it. TORNADOES, guys. Easily worth my five bucks just to experience that madness.

Jim: Those on my PS3 friends list (Jim_Sterling) will know I’ve been playing Killzone 2 for a few hours nearly every day. Absolutely loving the multiplayer, especially now I’m rocking the Saboteur class. In between I’ve been finishing up Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard for review, as well Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection and I recently started playing Unreal Tournament III, which is alright.  Also been playing through my review copy of Blue Dragon Plus, but it’s proving to be slow going with so much console fun.

Colette: Still working through Star Ocean: The Last Hope for review (damn that game is long), sneaking in a little bit of Persona 4 when I get the chance, and believe it or not, I found myself playing Galactrix today in hopes that somehow it will still click with me. My desperation is kind of pathetic. Also, after a nostalgic favorite PC games talk with R3y, I booted up Riven and remembered it really is just a big picturebook you click your way through.

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