Games of the week for 03/02/08: Squalor is at large in tidy suburbia edition

Squalor is at large in tidy suburbia … filth and dirt abound in every corner … left.  
Had Cardiacs (above) ever released a game, I think it would have been the most terrifying and disturbing videogame of all time. Fortunately for the sanity of every good boy and girl, Cardiacs only released distressing music videos to haunt my dreams and left games to the games industry.
Which brings us comprehensively to the year 2008, and Destructoid’s games of the week. Hit l’jump to read what the Dtoid staff has been up to. Who has the mug? Who has the mug? Mister, Mister, Mister Plug.

Topher: I’ve been playing Space Invaders Extreme on DS, Shining Tears for PS2, and This Was Way Better On Dreamcast on XBLA.

Hamza: I played the ends of Super Mario RPG, Super Mario World and Super Metroid back-to-back. YES I FAILED THE FIRST TIME ON SUPER METROID! SORRY I DIDN’T BEAT A GAME I HAVEN’T TOUCHED IN OVER EIGHT YEARS! I also played setting up a trip to Sizzler between Destructoid and a couple of PR Firms just for the hell of it. No I’m not joking.

Colette: Lost Odyssey. Shocker, huh. I’m on disc three and burning through fast, so I expect to have a new game to tell you about next week. I also had my first online match against someone in Puzzle Quest in which I got all of two turns because my opponent destroyed my ass so efficiently. That was humbling.  I picked up Fatal Frame III and Patapon today too. Woo!

Gameboi: This week found me juggling a couple of games, including Unreal Tournament III, Uncharted, and the newly downloaded Warhawk. Other than that, I toyed with a few arcade games on Live: Robotron, Street Fighter, and Pac-Man.

Nick: I tore through God of War: Chains of Olympus this weekend, which took me just under six hours to complete. I also listened to my wife play Patapon for about an hour, a game which she called boring and “the emperor’s new clothes.” I also spent some time with Battle of the Bands, deBlob, and while at home (which is rare) I started to play Halo 3‘s cooperative campaign … finally.

Grim: Triggerheart Exelica, Rock Band, and a few matches of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Jonathan: Just Apollo Justice and Patpaon. Man, Patapon gets really hard! I’ve been stuck on the same boss for like an hour. It’s fun though. I don’t know what Nick’s wife’s problem is.

Oh, and I did put a few hours into Super Smash Bros. Brawl at the big tournament in Worcester MA. I’d still be playing it now, if it weren’t for that fact that all attempts Alexander from Joystiq and I made to steal a disk from one of the event’s many Brawl kiosks were met with total failure. 

Jim: Mostly I’ve been playing on the new PSP I got. I used to have one, but there was only like, one game for it when I got rid of it. Now there’s something resembling a game library on the format and I’m actually spoiled for choice. What pushed my decision to get another was the fact that Koei sent me a whole bunch of stuff, including Dragoneer’s Aria and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness.

Aria is a very by-the-numbers RPG which seems strangely hard during regular random battles. Story is a bit of a flop so far, but I hope it gets better. As for Disgaea, well, it’s the same Disgaea I used to play years ago … and I love it. I just hope this time I can break through the huge impregnable wall of numbers and levels that eventually burned me out last time. Oh, and I played Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops too, which is kinda cool.

Chad: In addition to watching Hamza suck at Super Metroid, I played some Mass Effect and the incredibly amazing N+. Did I mention that Hamza sucks at Super Metroid? Because he does. 🙂

Brad: In my spare time, I’ve been hammering out Trilby: The Art of Theft and Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden, and picked up Daigasso Band Brothers. I suck at it horribly. I’ve been meaning to finish up Disgaea, but I’ve found books to be a really attractive alternative.

Orcist: This week I’ve been playing Stay away from Persona 3 and study for your exams or you’ll fail out of college and die poor and lonely. Which is to say that I’ve made a lot of progress.

What was played by the Dtoid community this week? TELL US! 

Jim Sterling