Games of the week for 02/24/07: Cheekiest monkey of all edition

It is so triumphant, its prey is sore,
…The Cheekiest Monkey Of All…
As it swings away the victor once more,
The Cheekiest Monkey Of All.

It knows the cheekiness that men do,
…The Cheekiest Monkey Of All…
But it knows only it holds cheekiness true,
…The Cheekiest Monkey Of All…

A canine fool made to turn it’s back,
…The Cheekiest Monkey Of All…
For said pooch doth know that the cheek it doth lack,
…The Cheekiest Monkey Of All

The hound most humbled pressed the assault,
…The Cheekiest Monkey Of All…
But a primate prankster made good on his fault,
…The Cheekiest Monkey Of All…

With clothy agility limbs shall be snatched,
…The Cheekiest Monkey Of All…
Begone, hapless Fido, for you are outmatched!
…The Cheekiest Monkey Of All…

[Epic poetry by Jim Sterling, Introducing Leo and Bioautographical]

Colette: I’m now fully absorbed into Lost Odyssey, to the point where I haven’t touched another game in over a week. I have to salute Mistwalker…it’s hard to keep my attention for so long! Since Baroque is coming out soon though, I may be very tempted to stray.

Topher: Having my ass handed to me by N+.

Dyson: Totally not playing Lost Odyssey because I have no time in my life because Professor Layton and his wicked puzzles have taken me over. I also got a chance to play Street Fighter IV this week. All I can say is about it, is that it’s FUCKING AWESOME. That is all.

Orcist: I’ve been playing Lost Odyssey, and then using Geometry Wars to cheer me up and release adrenaline and endorphins into my poor, dilapidated shell of a psyche. Seriously, Lost Odyssey is unrelentingly sad, but I simply can’t get enough of it.

Grim: N+ has been kicking my ass as well. Also, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.

Jim: Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of my week has been soaked in a Dynasty Warriors 6 euphoria. Check out my full review if you so please. Not much else for me — I need to polish off both DMC4 and Lost Odyssey but the allure of mindless hack n’ slash action is just too strong for me to resist. Also, IT’S LU BU! LU BU HAS COME TO DESTROY US!

Nick: I spent the week at GDC in San Francisco, and played a bunch of games, including a handful I can’t talk about. Those that I can talk include Too Human (write-up/impressions coming soon), Street Fighter IV (Linde’s got you covered on that), flOw on the PSP, Secret Agent Clank, and a handful of the XNA games now available on Xbox LIVE.

The game I’m playing right now is Nursing the Flu or a Cold or Death, which Husky let me borrow.

Chad: GDC! WOO HOO! TAKE OFF YOUR TOP! Besides playing Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol on the plane rides to and from San Francisco, I got some hands-on time with Echochrome, Fez, Street Fighter IV, Bionic Commando: Rearmed (impressions coming soon), Secret Agent Clank, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Castle Crashers, Okami (Wii), and some super secret games. Also, the Stickam party was the greatest thing of all time. I love you all.

Hamza: I played LOL for the DS and played Wii Fit and absolutely loved that! Then I beat Super Metroid, Super Mario RPG, and Super Mario World all within a half hour and had the best time of my life at the NARP with all the awesome peoples.


Gameboi: I finally finished up DMC4, and enjoyed Viewtiful Joe in my spare time. Boy oh boy, would I love to see another VJ game this generation. I could really go for another Jak and Daxter game, too.

Your turn, community. What have you been playing?

Jim Sterling