Games of the week for 01/06/08: All I do is dick around edition

All we do is dick around, the sun goes up, the moon goes down, the leaves are green, the leaves are brown and all we do is dick around.
When we are not dicking around, however, we are busy playing videogames, and if you want to know what videogames the Destructoid crew has been playing THEN YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE, BUDDY! I bet you can’t wait, can you? You sit slavering like hounds, itching to know what we have been playing, because you are disgusting.
Hit the jump to find out what we’ve been up to, but know that as you do, I am sickened by your outrageous curiosity.

Gameboi (Vader fanboy): For the first time in 52 days, I fired up the old Xbox 360 for some time with Lost Odyssey. I’m not much of an RPG guy, but the game is fantastic, and I wish I had bought it much sooner. I also fooled around with Fable for a little, but it was Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock that took up most of my time. I know most of you hate it, but I had a  freaking blast with the game. It’s been quite a while (Bioshock, to be exact) since a game had me hooked soooooo bad that I couldn’t put it down until I reached the end.

Colette (Chocobo fangirl): Not too much gaming time this week since my mom was in town to visit, but I did show her Grand Theft Auto IV and BioShock. Playing the latter made me want to replay the game all over again, but I’m forcing myself to wait until the PS3 version comes out, dammitt.

Nick (Correct spelling of words fanboy): I haven’t spent much time playing games for “pleasure” this week, and everything I did play I can’t talk about until Tuesday. I did play a bit of Wall-E on the Xbox 360 yesterday; throwing cubes of trash FTW.

Jim (Monocle fanboy): Actually been indulging my rarely seen retro side this week, with some Sonic sessions, as well as enjoying the delights of Shinobi III, Kid Chameleon and Decap Attack, the latter game being one of the underrated classics of platforming. You rarely hear about it, but it was so good. Shame.

On the modern side of thinks, I’ve been stomping through Dark Sector, a game which justifies ripping other games off, as you spend the whole experience thinking “God, if they were gonna steal from Gears, why didn’t they take its working cover system and decent controls as well?” Also, GRiD

Johnathan (Xbox 360 & PS3 fanboy): Still playing Dr Mario Online RX, Wii Fit for a pending review, and Apollo Justice for about ten minutes a night before I fall asleep.

Also downloaded Splatterhouse for the VC (Thanks Cowzilla). I’ll never underestimate the power of nostalgia again. When this game first came out, I liked it. Now I friggin’ love it. The music is so perfect, somehow equal parts spooky and goofy, just like everything else in the game. But the real kicker is the boss at the end of level five. I don’t think there has been anything quite like that in gaming since.

Chad (Nudity fanboy): Wow. I played a lot of freakin’ games this week … and they were all AMAZING! Super Mario Bros. 3, StarTropics, Ninja Gaiden III: The Dark Sword of Chaos, and River City Ransom made this the perfect start to my summer of retro! I appreciated, yet again, the greatness that is Rosalina in Mario Kart Wii. And, finally, I started one of the best games to ever come out for the Wii: Boom Blox. Seriously, if you own a Wii you have to buy this game. IT IS INCREDIBLE!

Hamza (Drunk-posting on the Internet fanboy): omg im. alreasd drunk abd its onlyu 2 in afterniin. hahahahaha

Johnathan: Is this really happening again? Is Hamza really this hilarious?

Either way, good show!

Chad: Hurry, Hamza, fuck somebody’s accent. HURRY! 🙂

Grim (Beating people at games fanboy): I usually do most of my gaming during the weekend, but I was off attending the Cincinnati NARP. While there, we played the most epic game of Rock Band I’ve ever witnessed. A group of Dtoiders also went to a retro game store and even though I wanted to spend all of my money on games instead of food, I left the store with just Mega Man 7 in hand. I’ve only had time to play the game for about 15 minutes, but I’m loving it so far.

James Stephanie Sterling