Games Media Awards results: We walk away empty handed, but boy were we drunk

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The results are in, I’ve lost my voice from shouting about King Edward potatoes, and Destructoid was FAIL. These are the important facts about the first ever Games Media Awards. Later on, my colleague David Houghton will have what you’re all waiting for, video evidence and a wad of pictures (yes I took the damn monocle), but for now you’re stuck with me.

Yes, Destructoid lost out to UK: Resistance for best non-commercial Web site. I’m not going to say that geopolitics were involved … but of the nominees throughout the night, only one winner was from a non-British Web site. Of course, I am not bitter, but I knew UK: Resistance was taking it and if we did have to be beaten, I’m glad it was at least by those crazy wankers.  How about showing other countries some love next year though, eh?

Big congratulations to Eurogamer for cleaning house and for at least one of them being quite nice. Hit the jump for the full results that Justin V pointed me in the direction of, because I was too drunk to remember anything but burlesque dancers and someone throwing up. Also, stay tuned for David and the all-important pictures.

Specialist Games Media (Online)

Games Website – News


Games Website – Reviews & Features


Games Podcast

Winner: Gamespot

Non-Commercial Website or Blog

Winner: UK: Resistance

Writer in Specialist Digital Media

Winner: Tom Bramwell (

Mainstream Media

Games Writer on a National Newspaper

Winner: Steve Boxer (The Guardian)

Games Writer on a Lifestyle Magazine

Winner: Simon Munk (FHM)

Games Writer on a Mainstream Website

Winner: Darren Waters (BBC)

Regional Games Column

Winner: Ewan Ross (Liverpool Echo)

Best Broadcast on Mainstream TV or Radio

Winnner: Johnny Minkley (Radio One)

Specialist (Print)

PlayStation Magazine

Winner: Official PlayStation Magazine (Future)

Multi-Format Magazine

Winner: Games™

Xbox Magazine

Winner: Official Xbox 360 Magazine (Future)

Nintendo Magazine

Winner: Official Nintendo Magazine (Future)

Best Writer on a Specialist Magazine

Winner: Kieron Gillen (PC Gamer, Future)

Overall Games Magazine

Winner: GamesTM

Games Media Legend

Winner: Gary Penn

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