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8 Games like Monopoly Go to play while you wait for more dice rolls

The best games for Monopoly Go fans to spend their time in until they can finally get back to the one they love most.

Monopoly Go is a fantastic mobile game designed to keep players engaged through various gameplay systems and mechanics. Whether it’s rolling dice, stealing from others, or completing boards, it’s got a lot to offer. But players always need something to keep them busy between their free dice drops.

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As with most mobile games designed to get players in and playing daily, Monopoly Go offers free dice rolls and various other incentives. The trouble is, you’ve got to wait a day before those freebies are on offer again. Filling the time between drops doesn’t need to be tricky, though, because there are loads of alternatives that you can rotate through each and every day to take full advantage of daily login bonuses while waiting for your favorite to be available once more.

Below, we’ve listed the eight best games like Monopoly Go for fans to play while they wait for their daily login to refresh, or when the game has crashed. These aren’t listed in any particular order because they each offer a familiar experience. We like to set a few of them up so we can roll through all of them in a single session every day to maximize our free rolls, dice, and each game’s equivalent.

Best games to play while waiting for more dice rolls in Monopoly Go

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Image via Storm8 Studios

Bingo Tycoon

Available on iOS and Android

Bingo Tycoon is the ultimate mobile game for bingo maniacs. It lets players enjoy up to eight bingo cards at once, and you can even play against others. What we like about this game is that it has overarching systems such as property investment to keep you engaged even when you’re not managing an unmanageable number of bingo cards. You get free daily items for logging in, but you’ll spend way more time here than you might think, thanks to the depth of its various mechanics.

board kings screenshot
Image via PlayTika

Board Kings

Available on iOS and Android

In Board Kings, players roll dice to move across and complete boards before moving onto the next one. There’s a ridiculous number of boards to complete and keep on rolling towards. However, the real fun comes from taking a trip to a friend’s board and stealing as many of their coins as possible. The daily free rolls are enough to keep anyone engaged, especially if you land on the right tiles.

coin kingdom screenshot
Tycoon Games

Coin Kingdom

Available on Android

Coin Kingdom is very different from most of the titles on ths list, but still fits the bill of bieng a game like Monopoly Go well. The overall goal is to rebuild an entire kingdom slowly with daily interactions. By logging in every day, players get free items they can use to further their efforts, but it becomes frustrating once those freebies are used up. That’s why it works as a game players put a little time into daily over a year or so, because they’ll see more progress and feel more satisfaction when they look back on their time with it.

dice dreams game screen
Image via SuperPlay

Dice Dreams

Available for iOS and Android

SuperPlay’s Dice Dreams is one of the most popular mobile alternatives to Monoolgy Go. Players roll dice for coins and prizes and compete with their friends to rise through the leaderboards and beat them at every turn. There’s nothing better than taunting a friend you’ve just stolen from, similar to using emojis in Monopoly Go. This game has various elements, all of which get free runs on a daily basis. It’s more complex than Monopoly Go but offers the same feel players will want from a free mobile game to play on the go.

line lets get rich screenshot
Image via LINE

LINE Let’s Get Rich

Available on iOS and Android

While LINE Let’s Get Rich resembles Monopoly, it’s got so much more to offer. Just like Monopoly Go, there are free daily rewards, but it’ll be hard to tear yourself away as you advance the game’s story. Players take on the role of various characters and advance from Earth into space. Along the way, there are dozens of iconic buildings to construct. We love that it looks like a hardcore JRPG title set out on a Monopoly board.

monopoly slots screenshot
Image via SciPlay

Monopoly Slots

Available on iOS and Android

Monopoly Slots is less a Monopoly game and more a traditional casino slots title. It’s designed to scratch that itch for constant wins and the thrill vegas casinos provide from the comfort of your own home. Players get free spins every day, which is why it’s a great game like Monopoly Go and will fit into a list of alternatives to explore between daily drops.

monopoly solitaire screenshot
Image via MobilityWare

Monopoly Solitaire

Available on iOS and Android

Monopoly Solitaire is the intriguing result of combining the best elements of both Monopoly and Solitaire together. While several games like Monopoly Go borrow elements from both, this is the peak of that combination. Solitaire is an easy game to pick up and lose yourself in, and that’s what this title does so well. It’s the perfect companion for waiting for more free rolls, though it could easily eat up more of your free time than you’d like to give it.

monopoly tycoon paris
Image via Nvizzio Creations

Monopoly Tycoon

Available for iOS and Android

Monopoly Tycoon is a much truer Monopoly game than Monopoly Go. Players must follow Mr. Monopoly’s advice and buy properties, invest in them, and see them flourish. The game also has quests linked to occupants that will further increase the player’s ability to earn money and maybe even gain control over iconic properties. It’s not something you need to put a lot of time into though. In fact, it pays to add this into a rotation of games like Monopoly Go to play while waiting for more free dice.

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