Games: it’s spreading to the girls now

Well, that’s not how the NPD put it. They say that this year young girls are fitting more gaming into their busy girly schedule than they did last year.

The NPD Group’s study, called — no kidding — Girl Power: Understanding This Important Consumer Segment, says that younger girls still prefer to play with traditional toys, but they’re now also migrating to computer and videogames. 

Socialization is gearing up among the pre-teens, and the advent of interactive gaming really hits home with these girls who are looking for friends from the confines of their homes.

When we say “young,” we mean 9-12 years of age. Like, ohmigod. The study found that ages 13 and 14 were also gamers, but they also like to send text messages and listen to their MP3 players. Hey, that sounds just like Destructoid’s teen correspondent, Taylor Tiffany

“The growth in use of social networking and virtual world websites by girls is a natural extension of this core value which needs to be recognized by manufacturers who count girls as primary market for their goods and services,” said NPD’s Anita Frazier. 

Does this mean that we’re training the next generation of MMO girls?

[Via Edge]

Dale North