Games Ghostbusters play: Q*Bert

Having spent an hour or so with a preview build of Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters for the Xbox 360 this afternoon, I’ve come to one conclusion — busting ghosts isn’t all fun and games. Okay, well, it is actually kind of fun…

But when the Ghostbusters do kick back and relax, who do they call? Well, Q*Bert, apparently. Sitting inside the Ghostbusters HQ — the fire station from the films, of course — is a full-sized, classic Q*Bert arcade cabinet. While the game prompts you to interact with it, sadly it’s not playable. Peter Venkman Ph.D. prefers playings the fictional arcade top-down shooter, Moonstrosity X; I’m unclear as to whether or not that’s playable, because he’s addicted and won’t get off the thing.

Check back next week for actual game impressions and details on the first few missions of Ghostbusters, after I make my way through more of the game.

Nick Chester