Games aren’t cheap: It cost $1.4 million to make Monument Valley and its DLC

And other refreshingly transparent stats

With so much crap out there, it’s pleasant to see the mobile-games marketplace value quality. Ustwo Games has released a bunch of data for its delectable iOS and Android puzzler Monument Valley, including sales and revenue figures and development costs. Also, importantly, the number of Street Fighter matches the studio played during production (“over 15,800”).

It took the team 55 weeks and $852,000 to make the base game, and 29 weeks and $549,000 to craft the Forgotten Shores DLC. Monument Valley‘s highest one-day revenue, $145,530, happened on its April 3, 2014 launch. The title has gone on to generate $5,858,625 in revenue.

Enough money to continue making games, in other words. Find the full infographic below.

ustwogames [Twitter]

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